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By Dan Martin, PGA

The Fault: Many players are told to keep their head still during their swing, which ends up leading to a poor backswing position. It's true that the head shouldn't move up and down a lot, but it must move a bit side to side, especially in the backswing. Most players who try to keep their head exactly still end up swaying their hips and getting their club in a position that makes it very difficult to strike the ball solid. The result? Usually a slice.

The Fix: Try the natural backswing drill. Assume your setup position and fold your arms across your chest. Then simply turn your head back over your right shoulder until you can see an object that's directly behind you. Do this five times. On the fifth time, without changing your body position, simply turn your head back to see the ball. This is your natural backswing turn. Note that your head has to move a bit sideways to get you into a great position. Once you understand this, getting your arms and club in position is much easier and more comfortable.

THE IRONS IN YOUR BAG deserve some proper attention this year. How so? Simple. Maybe you're new to the game, maybe you've played for awhile. Either way, you need a set of irons that fit your game and your swing properly. After all, both your swing and game are likely to change through time, and if your irons don't adjust with you, you're not playing to your highest potential. So, whether you play with your current or new irons this year, do yourself a favor and sign up for a clubfitting session. You'll be amazed at what you might find, and the confidence boost can really help.

Golf Tips Legend

XS Forged
Key Feature: Forged and milled, the XS Forged irons are a shotmaker iron for advanced shotmaking and maneuverability. Thanks to a CNC-milling process, these forged clubs have a cavity that's usually found in cast clubheads. Meaning, although they're better player clubs, they're still long and forgiving.
Who It's For: Better players, but not exclusively.
Wow Factor: These are silky smooth and nicely balanced.
Specs: Comes in 3-PW with stock options or more than 40 shafts and 100 grip options to choose from.
hirekogolf.com | $49
Idea Super S
Key Feature: A half hollow construction increases ball speed. Impact stability means straighter hits and a more pure ball strike. A thin clubface helps increase ball speed and improves shotshaping. An undercut cavity design enhances feel and performance, for long and accurate shots. Need we say more?
Who It's For: Mid- to high-handicappers.
Wow Factor: The ball gets airborne incredibly fast.
Specs: 5-PW (comes with choice of two hybrids) in KBS Tour 90 steel or Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage graphite shaft.
adamsgolf.com | $599/$699
Idea Pro a12
Key Feature: Forged of carbon steel, these irons are poised as a true player's set, as long as that player wants some added forgiveness in the mix. The heel-toe weighting is amplified in the longer irons for more forgiveness, and less differentiated in the shorter irons for real shotmaking.
Who It's For: Good-to-better players who want the feel and look of forged irons with forgiveness in long irons.
Wow Factor: What a soft, buttery feel!
Specs: Available (4-GW) with KBS Smoke Tour Steel shafts or Mitsubishi JAVLN graphite shafts.
adamsgolf.com | $599/$699


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