2012 Buyer's Guide Irons

These new sticks will help you hit the green

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Mashie Irons
Key Feature: The mixed Mashie set combines hybrids, cavity-backs and scoring short irons into one set for the player who wants forgiveness and shotmaking capabilities where it's most needed. The Gliderail sole design is awesome, and works wonders across the turf.
Who It's For: Golfers with style! The Mashie looks cool in every way, and frankly, nothing looks cooler than scratching more pars and birdies on the score card. Great clubs!
Specs: Available in a blend of hybrids (3-5), cavity-backs (6-9) and scoring irons (PW-SW) in steel or gr. shafts. (LH)
clevelandgolf.com | $599/$649
AMP Irons
Key Feature: The multi-alloy structure helps position weight closer to the perimeter for enhanced forgiveness, while the V-Skid sole reduces drag. Hence, you have a very forgiving iron that's very long to boot. There's also a set that mixes in a couple hybrids. Cool, huh? We think so, and it's refreshing to see Cobra back in a big way.
Who It's For: Players who want a set of irons that are both forgiving and versatile and, dare we say...colorful!
Specs: Available in 3-LW with True Temper Dynalite steel shafts or Cobra AMP graphite shafts. (LH available)
cobragolf.com | $699/$799
S3 Max
Key Feature: The S3 Max irons are designed to be forgiving and promote a high launch. That's exactly what they do! The Railed Powerback sole does wonders for adding stability off the turf, and shots off the sweet spot still fly high and straight thanks to some extreme perimeter weighting. You can also mix this set with hybrids, as well.
Who It's For: Simply put, this is a set for golfers who want a lot of forgiveness and a higher trajectory.
Specs: Available in 4-SW with S3 Max steel or UST Mamiya iHS graphite shafts. Nice price! (LH available)
cobragolf.com | $399/$499
SE Irons
Key Feature: A dogleg hosel that virtually eliminates any possibility of shanking the ball off the hosel of the club. But that's not all it does. This unique design helps enhance the sweet spot and reduces drag in the rough or sand, keeping the clubface square through the shot.
Who It's For: Golfers willing to try an anti-shank iron that may look radical from in the back, actually looks really nice and pleasing to the eye from the address position.
Specs: Available in 3-PW in Formosa/Femco steel or graphite shafts. (LH available)
f2golf.com | $499/$599
Hot Spot
Key Feature: A very forgiving and deeply perimeter-weighted club that also has a high-bounce sole to prevent digging too much into the turf. Add some progressive offset and you have a high-launching set of irons that are forgiving and longer than you'd probably expect.
Who It's For: The perimeter weighting is suited for high-handicappers, but the inventive, narrow, high-bounce sole is a feature than even middle handicappers will enjoy.
Specs: Available in 4-SW in a variety of steel or graphite shaft options.
infinitigolf.com | $512
Key Feature: The muscle-back area has a titanium section forged into it, effectively enhancing the perimeter weighting of the simple, gorgeous, new forged irons. Seriously, we don't know of any other mixed-metal iron that has ever felt or looked this good. And by the way, they perform as good as they look. Smooth like butter!
Who It's For: Good to better players who want some added forgiveness in a spectacular set of irons.
Specs: Available 3-PW with Dynamic Gold steel shafts, or in a custom option. (LH available)
mizunogolf.com | $999
Key Feature: These butter knives are poised to win some big check on Tour, thanks to a 4D muscle-back design that optimizes the CG location in each club. The Grain Flow Forged carbon steel is as you'd expect: soft and responsive, just like a Tour player would want it.
Who It's For: Better players who want total shotmaking and a buttery feel that can only come from a Grain Flow forged Mizuno iron.
Specs: Comes in 3-PW with Dynamic Gold steel shafts, or in a variety of custom options.
mizunogolf.com | $899
JPX-800 HD
Key Feature: The super game-improvement JPX-800 HD irons integrate two hybrids into the set as well as a handful of high-COR, high-perimeter-weighted irons. The result is a set that's high-launching, easy to swing and ideal for the golfer looking to improve in a hurry. No really, these irons are almost too easy to hit. Are they legal? (Yes.)
Who It's For: Golfers who want straighter, higher, farther iron shots and who prefer FLI-HI hybrids over long irons.
Specs: Comes with two JPX FLI-HI hybrids (4-5) and 6-PW in iron designs. Steel or graphite shafts available.
mizunogolf.com | $699
Pro Combo
Key Feature: A combo set comprised of pocket-cavity long irons for a higher launch, cavity-back middle irons for forgiveness and control and short-iron blades for pure shotmaking. All have the X3X grooves for better spin control. And, oh yeah, they're all forged and feel awesome.
Who It's For: Good to better players who again, need forgiveness in longer clubs but don't want to sacrifice feel and maneuverability in middle and short irons.
Specs: Available in 3-PW (optional 2-iron) with TT Dynamic Gold steel or Project X graphite shafts. (LH available)
nikegolf.com | $1,079 and up


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