2011 Buyer's Guide Irons

If you want to score your best, start with the right set of irons

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Nike Golf
VR Pro Combo
Versatile WonderKey Feature: A forged Tour-level, three-head-styles-in-one set with a pocket cavity in the long irons, split cavity in the mid-irons, and blade-style short irons.
What We Like: The CG moves gradually and consistently higher through the set, optimizing launch and distance control.
Who It’s For: Better players wanting more forgiveness and distance than with a blade, but still with that soft, forged feel.
Specs: Available in 2-PW, with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel or Nike Project X graphite shafts.
nikegolf.com |
$1,079 s
Nike Golf
VR Pro Cavity
Editors' PickKey Feature: Opti-Mass weighting system targets a progressive and linear CG position via high-density tungsten-resin insert.
What We Like: Ballflight is lively; launch angle is nice and high. And distance control is happily predictable. We also like iron innovation, and using three-, two- and single-piece clubheads in one set is a great idea to max out performance.
Who It’s For: Golfers wanting enhanced distance and forgiveness, and increased feel.
Specs: Available in 3-LW, with the True Temper Dynalite 110 steel or Nike Project X graphite shafts.
nikegolf.com |
$839 s/959 g
Nike Golf
VR Pro Blade
Players OnlyKey Feature: They undergo a precise forging process to help shotshaping performance. Each face features two more grooves, resulting in cleaner, more consistent ballstriking and more spin off the face.
What We Like: Simply put, they’re gorgeous. And the feel is absolutely pure. As for shotmaking, these are straightforward blades, meaning there isn’t a shot you can’t hit with them.
Who It’s For: Better players who aren’t afraid to still wield a sharp set of blades.
Specs: Available in 2-PW, with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts.
nikegolf.com |
$1,079 s

Editors' PickKey Feature: Narrow stabilizing bars in the long iron cavities help generate distance. The bars get wider through the short irons for lower, more-controlled trajectories.
What We Like: The variable tungsten toe weighting positions the CG for higher-launching long irons and lower-trajectory short irons. We also contend that these are the best-feeling, nonforged irons from PING. Ever.
Who It’s For: Players who put a premium on shot control.
Specs: Available in 2-PW, with Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour shafts.
ping.com |
$1,020 s
Beauty & BrawnKey Feature: The company’s first forged iron in 40+ years, with performance benefits not previously associated with forged irons.
What We Like: Even though they’re forged, they combine a steel body with a tungsten sole and machined grooves for a great, soft feel. And by the way, they pack plenty of distance, too.
Who It’s For: Moderate to better players who want the standard of quality expected from PING, albeit this time in a beautiful, forged iron design.
Specs: Available in 3-PW, with steel True Temper Project X shafts.
ping.com |
$1,520 s
Distance DrivenKey Feature: A blended set of multimetal irons and higher-launching hybrids.
What We Like: The irons are oversized, have a titanium face and wide sole—all great game-improvement features. The hybrids also are exceptionally easy to use, launching the ball higher and farther than long irons do.
Who It’s For: Golfers who benefit from a maximum-forgiveness design, and those with slower swing speeds who want more distance.
Specs: Irons available in 5-LW, hybrids in 3H-6H, with PING AWT steel or PING TFC 149i/149h graphite shafts.
ping.com |
$1,092 s/$1,240 g

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