2010 Buyer's Guide Irons

This year, it seems every type of iron is billed as a forgiving one.

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Mizuno MX-1000
Key Feature: A maraging steel face that’s plasma-welded to a hollow stainless-steel body.
What We Like: These are easy to hit—that’s a given. But what we really like is the classic look from address. The less-is-more approach to the aesthetics is working here.
Who It’s For: Golfers who appreciate Mizuno’s commitment to quality engineering—this time, in a forgiving, nonforged set of irons.
Specs: Available in 4-SW, in either steel or graphite shafts.
mizunousa.com | $999 (steel)
Key Feature: A super deep undercut channel moves 50 grams of weight away and back from the clubface for a low and deep CG. The AM355 stainless-alloy face-insert tech is thinner, and the sweet spot is wider than ever.
What We Like: They look cool, yet they feel hot and easy to hit. Guess you can be both cool and hot at the same time. Shots blast off the face like a cannon, even when struck off center.
Who It’s For: Everybody
Specs: Available in 3-LW, in steel or graphite shafts.
nikegolf.com | $699 (steel)

Fourteen TC-910
Key Feature: Forged of soft S20C steel, these irons have a classic look and feel that shroud their excellent playability.
What We Like: The looks. Fourteen makes irons that look and feel as they should look and feel. As for playability, we were surprised at how easy these irons were to hit—even the longer ones. The craftsmanship also is impeccable.
Who It’s For: Better players who want an awesome forged cavity-back with no frills and consistent spin rates across the set.
Specs: 3-PW, with DG steel shafts.
fourteengolf.com | $1,199
Infiniti Tour Strategy
Key Feature: A forged iron designed with a healthy dose of forgiveness. The progressive offset and undercut cavity work together to control trajectory and distance through the set.
What We Like: We’re seeing a lot of forged irons that are forgiving this year, but don’t count the Tour Strategy out. They look and feel as awesome as any forged iron we’ve tried in 2010.
Who It’s For: Folks who want a forged iron with distance and forgiveness.
Available in 3-PW, in steel or graphite shaft options.
infinitigolf.com | $1,200
InnovexType S GDT
Key Feature: Each club in this set is spaced four degrees apart, resulting in optimal distribution of shot distances across the entire set. A dual-cambered sole and extreme perimeter weighting help make these irons easy to hit.
What We Like: Innovation coming from smaller companies. These irons are easy to hit and fly long and high. What’s not to like? A great buy, too!
Who It’s For: Everyday golfers looking for more distance and distance control.
Available in 3-PW, in steel- or graphite-shaft options.
innovexgolf.com | $279 (steel)

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