2010 Buyer's Guide Irons

This year, it seems every type of iron is billed as a forgiving one.

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Callaway Diablo Edge
Key Feature: Callaway claims these are the longest stainless-steel irons they’ve every made. Core tech like S2H2, VFT and a 360-Degree Undercut Channel are reprised in this set for outstanding performance with the longer irons.
What We Like: The sole is a bit thick, but that’s helpful if you hit it fat or thin. And the low CG really launches the ball upwards in a hurry.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want a set with a low CG for a higher ballflight.
Specs: 3-LW, with graphite or steel shafts. Custom options available.
| $699 (steel)
Callaway Diablo Forged
Key Feature: Although forged, they’re engineered for more distance with an aggressive heel-toe weighting design and an undercut cavity for better perimeter weighting.
What We Like: The feel of a forged iron with added distance and forgiveness to boot. What’s not to like? The short irons are workable—we like that, too.
Who It’s For:
Good to better players who appreciate the look and feel of a compact and versatile forged iron, but who also want some added distance.
Specs: 3-SW, with Nippon steel shafts.
callawaygolf.com | $899
Cleveland HB3
Key Feature: The long HB3s have a sole width that’s 7% longer than the HiBORE XLi irons, and they all have a tweaked center sole that reduces turf drag.
What We Like: The hollow body design is a forgiving one, but we think the new lightweight shafts are what make the difference between this set and previous versions. Fifteen grams doesn’t seem like much on paper, but the added swing speed means more yards.
Who It’s For: Game-improvement fans.
Specs: Available in 3-SW, in steel or graphite shafts.
clevelandgolf.com | $699

Cobra S2 Forged Irons
Key Feature: Compact and smooth from address, these irons are far from subtle. They’re among the most aggressive forged irons we’ve seen this year.
What We Like: Cobra makes a statement, and the S2 Forged prove you can have that forged feel in a very playable and very long iron. The CNC-milled grooves really help control trajectory.
Who It’s For:
Better players, but not really. These irons are as forgiving as many nonforged models we’ve seen.
Available in 3-GW, in either steel or graphite shafts.
cobragolf.com | $744 (steel)
Dynacraft Prophet Tour
Key Feature: You can’t see it very easily from here, but there’s a Stability Slot cavity located behind the face for enhanced playability, feel and control.
What We Like: We’ve always been big Dynacraft fans. The Prophet Tour also are amazing to look at. They’re smooth and surprisingly easy to hit. The short irons are very versatile from different lies around the course.
Who It’s For:
3-SW; custom-built, with a variety of steel or graphite shaft options.
Specs: 3-SW; custom-built, with a variety of steel or graphite shaft options.
hirekogolf.com | $35/each (clubhead)
F2 F2 Plus Irons
Key Feature: The radical hosel design eliminates shanking once and for all.
What We Like:
Even if you’re not prone to catching the ball on the heel, these irons are amazingly easy to hit. We don’t doubt the psychological effects either. Knowing you won’t ever shank it is helpful, especially on delicate short-iron shots.
Who It’s For: Anyone who avoids the s-word and wants to hit straighter shots more consistently.
Specs: Available in 4-PW, with either steel or graphite shafts.
f2golf.com | $499

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