2009 Irons Buyer's Guide

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Mizuno MP-52
Key Feature: Dubbed the “most playable MP iron ever,” these sticks employ a Dual Muscle back combined with a pocket-cavity design. This means, you have the trajectory control of a blade, mixed with the forgiveness of a pocket-cavity.
What We Like: Practically everything. Go buy some; you’ll understand.
Who It’s For: MP purists can now sigh in relief knowing they can own a forged iron with some extra forgiveness.
Specs: 3-PW in Dynamic Gold or Project X steel shafts.
mizunousa.com | $900
Mizuno MX-200
Key Feature: Each iron has Y-Tune tech, which expands the sweet spot toward the toe where most amateurs miss. A CNC-milled pocket cavity lowers the CG for even more forgiveness.
What We Like: Forged forgiveness is cool with us. Talk about a perfect blend of feel and playability! 
Who It’s For: Players who want the best of both worlds (forgiveness and control). For those wanting extreme forgiveness, don’t miss the mixed MX-100 set.
Specs: Available in 3-SW in either steel or graphite shafts.
mizunousa.com | $699-899
Nickent 3DX RC
Key Feature: Two tungsten- polymer inserts and a graphite backing help reduce vibration and make the 3DX extremely forgiving.
What We Like: The progressive- sole hybrid irons (not to mention the 3- and 4- “iron-woods”). It’s that combo that makes the 3DX RCs easy to hit.
Who It’s For: High handicappers who have trouble getting the ball airborne. Golfers with slow swing speeds who need a club with a graphite shaft.
Available in 5-SW, with graphite or steel shaft options.
nickentgolf.com | $500


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