2008 Iron Buyer's Guide

When it comes to buying a new set of irons, be sure to pick a set that?s made for your game and swing. The right set of irons will always perform better than a set that?s not properly fitted to your needs.


While custom-fit shafts are critical to drivers and woods, they’re just as important to irons. But unfortunately, most golfers don’t think in terms of getting their iron shafts reworked. Truth be told, iron shafts require just as much attention as any other shafts in the bag and luckily, 2008 has a few great new options if you’re looking for an upgrade.

Aldila VS Proto
Seems like yesterday the VS Proto shaft made its way into golf bags all over the place, now it’s only a matter of time until the iron shafts follow suit. Using the same Micro-Laminate tech found in the driver/woods shafts, these shafts are for the player who wants exceptional stability and a mid-to-low ballflight, all from a graphite shaft. www.aldila.com

Fujikura Rombax 115
Rombax iron shafts are built with the same advanced material technology as their extremely high-performance wood shafts of the same name. Rombax iron shafts provide outstanding consistency and stability at a weight that’s slightly lighter than many steel shafts, but heavy enough to maintain a solid feel.

Grafalloy ProLaunch
The ProLaunch series features a stable of graphite iron shafts that are designed to help all golfers hit the ball higher and with optimal launch characteristics. According to Grafalloy, the ProLaunch is the most torsionally stable composite iron shaft ever produced. It’s the same type of tech already used in the popular driver/woods ProLaunch shafts. www.grafalloy.com

Nippon N.S. Pro 750GH
The carbon filaments in the grip end are used to add strength to what’s already Nippon’s lightest metal iron shaft. At less than 80 grams, this is the shaft for those who want more speed in a steel product. www.nipponshaft.com

Royal Precision Project X
For players who want the ultimate in trajectory control and stability, the Project X is an excellent choice. The tapered design delivers maximum energy to the ball, without promoting a ballooning trajectory. For players who want a lighter and higher launch option, don’t miss the project X XL. www.royalprecision.com

True Temper Dynamic Gold High Launch
The mega-popular Dynamic Gold shaft line has expanded, this time with a shaft designed to look and feel a lot like the original Dynamic Gold, but with a boost in trajectory. Slightly lighter, this is a solid option for golfers who want a higher trajectory without having to switch to a higher spinning golf ball. www.truetemper.com

UST Proforce V2
Already popular on the pro tours, the Proforce V2 graphite line has extended into irons. What makes this shaft unique is the Constant Weight feature, enabling each shaft to retain the exact weight—despite using longer shafts in long irons and shorter shafts in short irons. Engineered for stability, feel and excellent control, these shafts should be a hit in ’08. www.ustgolfshafts.com


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