GT Tech Awards 2008

Advanced golf technology and equipment design fuel the year's top gear and signal more great things to come

tech awardsIngenious Design Award:
TaylorMade Monza Spider
Combining steel-wire construction with an aluminum body, the Monza Spider is radically unconventional. The Spider has helped numerous players on the PGA Tour rack up a few wins this year. Funny, how such a user-friendly putter has made headway with the best players in the world, considering the Spider is designed with a sky-high MOI for stability and control. Other cool features include adjustable weights and an innovative AGSI+ face insert.

tech awardsCool Idea Award:
Bridgestone e5+
When we first heard Bridgestone had made a two-piece golf ball with a urethane cover, we had to scratch our heads, but with one try, we understood why. The e5+ is ideal for players who want added spin and enhanced feel around the green and who also need some extra boost in trajectory off the tee. The e5+ performs exceptionally, making it a top choice for slower swing speeds or for players who want maximum distance and carry from a two-piece golf ball. We also appreciated the durability of the e5+, as well as the price at less than 30 bucks.

tech awardsValue And Benefits Award:
Cleveland VP Milled Series
One of the most important factors in putting is alignment. The VP (Visual Performance) putters address alignment issues via “Dual Axis” technology that ensures the golfer is positioned directly over the ball at address. But, it’s not only the technology that earns the VP Milled a tech award. Each putter in the series is CNC-milled for not only great looks but also wonderful feel and performance. That said, perhaps the most impressive of all the features found in the VP Milled series is the price, at less than $150 (a steal for a 100% milled putter).

tech awardsGreat Craftsmanship Award:
Scotty Cameron Studio Select
No duh on this one, right? Scotty Cameron putters have become synonymous with excellent craftsmanship in recent years, and the Studio Select models are no exception. Milled from a block of 303 Stainless Steel, the Studio Select also features factory interchangeable weights for even greater putter customization. The result is a putter designed for perfect balance and feel, depending on shaft length and personal preferences. Models available include four versions of the popular Newport series.

tech awardsOutstanding Shoe Design Award:
Adidas Tour 360
Comfortable, supportive and closer to the ground than ever, the Tour 360 from adidas is a real crowd pleaser. The dual-pod, THiNTech sole design helps to lower a golfer’s center of gravity and leverage weight with ease. Also, the luxurious leather upper looks as good as we’ve seen in years. Lastly, in case you were wondering, these are the shoes Sergio wears.

tech awardsCreative Approach Award:
Nike ICP
In the era of new putters that come with a lot of cool things to look at, the new Nike ICP putters are designed to encourage just the opposite. Built with a low-gloss green body, the ICP putters are made to blend in with the grass, helping to further enhance the white sight marks on the top of the clubhead. This approach helps drown out the putter and enable the golfer to line up the putt with greater precision. We think this is pretty darn cool.

tech awards Excellence In Fitting Award:
Callaway I-MIX
Callaway isn’t the only company with equipment featuring interchangeable shaft technology, but the highly popular FT-5 and FT-i drivers make it a clear leader in the category. With more than 70 shafts to choose from (the list is surely to grow), golfers easily can swap on the fly. Better yet, golfers can take the same shaft and swap clubheads if they prefer switching lofts, shapes, etc.


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