GT Tech Awards 2008

Advanced golf technology and equipment design fuel the year's top gear and signal more great things to come

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tech awardsOutstanding Redesign Award:
r7 CGB MAX Limited Driver
Want a driver with a little bit of everything? The r7 CBG MAX has it all, including adjustable weights, a triangular shape and shaft-swapping capabilities. Other features include three shaft options and a kit of nine moveable weights that, when combined, allow for 1,071 possible launch configurations. With that many options, no wonder this club is billed as “9 drivers in 1.”

tech awardsTop Grip Design Award:
Winn PCi Grips
Corded grips aren’t new, but integrating them into Winn Grips’ advanced polymer is. The PCi and PCi Hybrid grips have varying degrees of cord added into various regions of the grip for traction where it’s needed. In our opinion, these grips are the first corded grips that not only are easy on the hands, but also do a marvelous job at blocking unwanted vibration and shock.

tech awardsLimitless Design Award:
Cobra Speed LD
It’s easy to assume the “LD” in Cobra’s Speed LD stands for “long distance,” but in actuality the initials are for “Limit Dimensions.” The Speed LD series drivers push the envelope as far as size, pressing the 5x5-inch USGA requirements to the max. This results in an MOI rating of 5000+, and a COR that’s maxed out, as well, at .830. If it were any more massive, the Speed LD would need two shafts.

tech awardstech awardsGreat Looks And Feel Award:
Ping i-Series
The looks are obvious, with each of the Ping i-Series putters having enhanced sightlines for better alignment and straighter strokes. But what you can’t see is the resonant feel that comes from the urethane face insert. Not too soft, nor too firm, each one of the i-Series models (there are 10 to choose from) has a feel that’s easy to love. Among the options in the series are blades, mallets, half mallets, standard and belly-length models.

tech awardsSuperior Set Options Award:
Bridgestone J36 Irons
Who said set customization was limited to game-improvement clubs? Not Bridgestone. The J36  irons come in Pocket Cavity, Cavity-Back and Blade designs and are fully interchangeable to accommodate a seamless set of any of the three designs. Speaking of which, each iron is meticulously forged and shaped for the consummate player who wants forgiveness where it’s needed and shotmaking capabilities where they’re desired as well.

tech awardsAerodynamics Award:
TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls
Designed with a new technology called Low Drag Performance (LDP), the new Burner and Burner TP golf balls pack a lot of heat.  The two-piece Burner is ideal for players who want pure distance without compromising a soft feel. The Burner TP is a three-piece model with Tour performance around the green and big distance off the tee. Both balls make use of the innovative LDP dimple design via a resilient but durable Iothane cover. But, what’s the best part of the new Burner balls? Both are priced under $25/dozen.

tech awardsUnique Shape Award:
Adams Idea a30S BOXER
A 3350 MOI rating in a hybrid? That’s a very good thing. The BOXER has, well, somewhat of a box shape that allows for a huge clubface and intense perimeter weighting, resulting in supreme forgiveness. But, it’s not all squares with the BOXER. Another outstanding feature to this hybrid is the cambered sole, which helps the club slip through even the grabbiest of turf and sand conditions.


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