GT Tech Awards 2007



Bonus Winners:


Pushing the envelope Award: Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Detour Putter
No, this award isn’t for the club with the longest name, instead the SCN2D putter is designed to actually help improve a players stroke. The sightline is slightly bowed, helping the eye not only better see the line, but also to promote a more natural arcing stroke.

Value Award: Maxfli Fire
Looking for a lot of distance for not a lot of dough? That’s the market Maxfli went after in creating the Fire ball, and by the looks of it, the company delivered what it set out to do. With John Daly as the main pitchman, the Fire is a three-piece ball that proves itself long, but does so with some added feel and performance around the green. The Tour Fire is actually in use by Daly. Both models are priced under $30 for a dozen.


Maxfli Fire

We’re Gel-in’ Award: Cleveland CG Irons
Arguably the coolest looking irons to date from Cleveland Golf, the new CG Red and Gold irons are equipped with an elastomer material for vibration dampening. But, that’s not all. Each iron is designed to lend just the right mix of feel and control. The Red is more streamlined, and the Gold is slightly bigger with added offset.




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