GT Tech Awards 2007



Outstanding Adjustability Award: MacGregor Response DCT
Borrowing from the adjustability craze sweeping the golf industry, the MacGregor Response DCT incorporates “FACE OFF” technology so its users can literally change its face. Every putter comes with a Polymer DCT insert (for a softer feel) and a Titanium DCT insert for a slightly firmer feel (for use with softer balls). Not only does this design help on days when your taste in putter feel changes like the weather, but it’s a major bonus for players who travel to play golf and wind up on a lot of different courses with a variety of green conditions.

Roll-Groove Award: Guerin Rife Island Series
There have been various attempts by a multitude of designers and manufacturers to find a way to alter the geometry of the putterface to help produce less skidding and a better, end-over-end roll, but with little success. Finally, Rife designers have come up with a patented RollGroove technology that features protruding grooves which are tightly spaced on the clubface. When combined with only one-degree of loft (the typical putter has around four-degrees), this design virtually eliminates skidding and provides an enhanced, soft feel. Increased distance control is another benefit.

Guerin Rife Island Series

“Go For The Green In Two” Award: Tour Edge Exotics CB2 Fairway Woods
In short, Tour Edge’s newest fairway woods are long, really long. Maybe it’s the beta-titanium cupface and hyper steel body that ramps up the MOI by 30 percent, we don’t know. All we know is par-5s are running scared. If you like to hit your 3-wood off the tee a lot, or simply want a new weapon to help turn par-5s into par-4s, the CB2 fairway woods definitely fit the bill. The Graphite Design stock shaft is also a plus.

Distortion-Free Award: PeakVision
Traditional sports sunglasses have normally featured lenses made from injection-molded polycarbonate, which according to the engineers at PeakVision, are inherently flawed due to their tendency to create distortion. While that might not be a major problem for bass fisherman or cross country skiiers, it’s a major problem for golfers. To remedy the situation, PeakVision developed a unique NXT material that provides a clarity level comparable to that of optical glass, as well as 100-percent UV protection.

Ultimate Upgrade Award: Graphite Design, Fujikura, True Temper, Aldila, UST, Mitsubishi Rayon, Grafalloy
If there’s one thing every golfer wants, it’s to hit the ball longer and straighter. Although making more putts and a better short game overall would probably have a greater effect on shooting better scores, distance and accuracy, particularly off the tee, is a lot more desirable for most, probably because it’s a lot more fun. If this sounds like you, it’s time to upgrade your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and maybe even your irons, with premium aftermarket shafts. Of all the areas of golf equipment design, the shaft is arguably the most advanced, and accordingly, provides the biggest difference in performance. The models pictured to the right are some of the very best money can buy, and are all worth consideration, especially if you’re looking for more distance off the tee. For more info:



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