GT Tech Awards 2007



Clear Vision Award: Callaway Eyewear
Since the days of the original Big Bertha, every golfer has been familiar with Callaway’s line of golf equipment. From drivers to irons to golf balls, it’s always been about performance and technology. True to form, Callaway’s golf-specific line of sunglasses is also designed to provide enhanced performance on the links, featuring NEOX lenses, which are aimed at  sharpening your vision in hazy conditions and reducing distortion for improved depth perception.

Callaway Eyewear

Groundbreaker Award: Hi-Tec CDT Super Power Tour
Learning the golf swing from the ground up is a popular teaching philosophy, primarily because support and power are such vital ingredients of the motion. In the past, there weren’t many golf shoe models that were designed to truly support this philosophy, as most shoes were simply made to connect the foot to the ground without much else in the way of performance. The CDT Super Power Tour from Hi-Tec does a lot more through a unique weighting system and specially designed cleats.

Hi-Tec CDT Super Power Tour

Smash Factor Award: Sonartec HB-001 Hybrid
A few years back, Sonartec fairway woods hit the Tour, and then found their way into the bags of some recreational players as well. Anyone who hit the clubs knows how incredibly long they were and also how unforgiving they could be. In the last couple of years, Sonartec engineers have found ways to maintain the awesome distance of their designs while also making them much easier to hit, as evidenced by the HB-001 hybrid. Featuring a perimeter-weighted design with a deep CG and high MOI, as well as sole rail technology, the HB-001 is playable for all levels of golfers. For high-launch low spin distance, this club is really tough to beat.

Game Improvement Award: F2 Series Plus Wedges
Improved short-game performance is the surest way to shoot lower scores, which means putting and wedge play should be placed at a premium. Unfortunately, for a long time, there were few, if any, meaningful advances in wedge design, other than Gene Sarazen’s invention of the original sand wedge itself. Instead, players were forced to use muscleback blades with no offset and little bounce, which may have worked for the best players in the world, but were a definite challenge for the majority of recreational golfers. The unique Face Forward Technology of the F2 Plus Series Wedges changes all that by placing the hosel behind the clubface. Not only does this unusual design make shanking nearly impossible, it allows players who have difficulty with sand shots and other short game situations around the green to escape trouble with ease.

Surprising Trend Award: Super Stroke Grip
When KJ Choi captured both the Memorial and the AT&T Classic earlier this year, much of the buzz was about the oversized putter grip he used in both victories. Unlike what most of us have seen before, the SuperStroke measures 1.67 inches in diameter and attaches to any putter shaft with a simple  system. The SuperStroke offers a flat-sided design that can be tailored to the individual putting style, and it does conform with USGA rules. However, the main benefit of the SuperStroke is eliminating the yips by taking the hands and wrists out of the stroke and promoting a shoulder-driven technique.

Power And Playability Award: Cobra Speed Series

Building a driver designed for more clubhead speed is something Cobra knows a thing or two about. The current Cobra Speed Series drivers offers seven different models to choose from, each set apart by a few tweaks in setup and performance. There are offset models, square-face models and virtually everything in between, making the Speed Series among the most playable driver lines to date. Watch the Tour, and you’ll see one in Geoff Ogilvy’s bag.

Cobra Speed LD F Driver
Cobra Speed LD M Driver
Cobra Speed LD M Offset Driver



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