GT Tech Awards 2007

For the sixth consecutive year, the editors of Golf Tips Magazine and a select group of members from our Technical Advisory Board have chosen what we feel are the most advanced and exciting products of the past year. Take a close look at the selected items, particularly if you’re in the market for a new set of clubs. Everything you see here is geared toward providing top-notch performance for all types of players. For those who are hoping to gain some distance in the upcoming season, pay extra attention to the premium shafts we’ve selected. Any one of these models could really change your game.

Craftsmanship Award: PING Redwood/Odyssey Black
The new PING Redwood is the company’s first entry in the premium, milled-steel category. With three models to choose from, the Redwood exudes quality. Considering that PING has always been known for castings, the Redwood is impressive. The Odyssey Black, like the Redwood, is 100-percent milled of carbon steel, making it Odyssey’s first entry in the all-milled steel category. Unlike other Odyssey putters, the Black Series models don’t feature face inserts.

Ping Redwood Putter
Odyssey Black Putter

Outstanding Redesign Award: Cleveland HiBore XL
Here’s all you need to know: The Hibore XL is a bigger and badder version of the original HiBore. Thanks to a re-engineered Inverted Crown, the center of gravity is farther from the face and lower than before, making this driver amazingly forgiving and incredibly powerful. The first HiBore was a great idea, but the second iteration is far superior.

Cleveland HiBore XL

Excellence In Set Integration Award: Nickent 4DX Hybrids
This year, Nickent offered consumers a choice between two hybrid shapes: an iron-wood that features characteristics often found in irons (the IW) and a traditional hybrid that looks more like a smaller wood (the UT). Both models feature a titanium crown and steel body, which allows significantly more weight to be distributed to deep and low areas of the clubhead. The result is clubs that are long and easy to hit.

Green Reading Award: Tifosi Scatto
By now, every golfer should be well aware of the dangers of spending a significant amount of time on the practice range and the links without any eye protection. Eyewear should be considered a standard part of every player’s equipment collection and should be used regularly. Although at one time that fact would be a problem for a lot of players due to the lack of quality golf-specific sunglasses, it’s no longer the case. Check out the Scatto from Tifosi, which features decentered lenses for optical clarity.

Innovation In Materials Award: Winn Grips
For many years, the only choice in golf grips was round or reminder. Enter Winn, a company that was ready to take a new approach to golf grips by utilizing unique materials and designs to provide enhanced performance for the full range of players, including Touring professionals. The Xi7 (Extreme Integration) is designed to provide a firm, cord-like feel, while the DSi (Durasoft Integration) provides a softer feel and all-weather performance. Both models show once again that Winn is a company dedicated to pushing the design envelope.



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