GT Tech Awards 2006

Value Award 2: HiPPO XXL Driver
In case you didn’t know, HiPPO makes some of the best value-priced golf clubs around. Case in point is the new XXL Driver, which features a 460cc Beta Titanium clubhead and two sets of weights that can be interchanged depending on the individual’s needs. Trajectory and shot shape can be significantly altered depending on weight placement, as can spin rates. The XXL also features the maximum allowable COR of .830 and comes standard with a proprietary light weight graphite shaft. If you’re looking for quality performance at a nice price, the XXL is right up your alley.
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All-In-One Award: Izzo Zwood   
We all know there are a lot of players who struggle hitting the driver, as well as their long irons. Izzo’s response is their line of Zwoods, which come in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 models. The range of clubs gives players an alternative option from distances ranges from 150-yards to hit-it-as-far-as-you-can. Each Zwood model features tungsten weighting in the sole to help elevate shots easily as well as toe-heel weighting to help correct hooks and slices. Carbon matrix crowns, titanium heads and custom-tuned proprietary graphite shafts come standard.
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Training Aid Award: Momentus Power Hitter
The Momentus is well-known by now as an outstanding tool for increasing swing speed and power. However, the new Power Hitter is the first hittable weighting practice driver available to consumers, and it’s definitely worth a try. The Power Hitter design combines proven shaft-weighting technology with proportionate head-weighting to provide comparable balance to a normally weighted club.
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Eyes Have It Award: Peak Vision Sunglasses
Sunglasses have become a standard part of every golfer’s set up, as most of us are aware of the importance of eye protection by now. Peak Vision’s unique Dual Zone technology goes one step further than most golf sunglasses by effectively highlighting green contours for enhanced visibility while also blocking out blue light. A UV coating protects eyes from harmful rays while unbreakable lenses add durability.
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Fearless Design Award: Pinfire Liberty Putter
Putter designers have gone to extreme lengths in recent years to develop putters that allow average golfers to make more putts. All sorts of shapes, materials and processes have been used, but very few models deliver on their promise. The new Liberty model from little-known Pinfire Golf features an impressive array of design features including a body design and shape that we guarantee you’ve never seen before. Four adjustable weighting ports allow each individual player to customize the Liberty to their needs.    
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Satellite Tracking Award: SkyCaddie GPS
If you’ve ever played at a premium-quality course that provided use of a GPS system on your cart, you probably wished you could somehow have a system like that for own. SkyGolf realized the strong desire among golfers for a reliable, hand-held GPS system and designed the outstanding SkyCaddie model featuring the company’s SG2 technology. Features of the SkyCaddie include: 40 targets per hole, measures in meters and yards, measures your drives, stores numerous courses, can upload any golf course, conforms to recent USGA and R&A ruling. If you’re looking for a hand held GPS unit, the SkyCaddie is the way to go.
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Forward Thinking Award: F2 Wedge
The designers of the F2 wedge truly thought “outside the box,” when they worked on this club. Featuring a design that places the face of the club in front of the hosel, (face forward design), the F2 Wedge is basically impossible to shank. In addition, the face forward feature makes it much easier for the average player to open the clubface to hit sand shots, flop shots or any other short game shot without fear of making contact with the hosel. The unique design of the F2 Wedge also promotes the desired hand-forward impact position that recreational golfers tend to struggle with.
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