GT Tech Awards 2006

Hi Tech CDT Super Power ProGround-Breaker Award:  Hi-Tec CDT Super Power Pro
If you’re a golfer who doesn’t think of your shoes as part of your equipment, Hi-Tec is out to change your mind with the CDT Super Power Pro model. Designed to do what any good shoe does—cradle the foot and provide support while walking and making a golf swing—the Super Power Pros are also made to improve leverage and power. This worthy goal is accomplished through the use of a unique sole design that features strategically placed Wear and Roll Bars, as well as twin sole-pods and specially designed, maximum-grip spikes. To our knowledge, this is the first time a shoe was designed specifically to improve the power of the golf swing, and we approve. 
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Additional GT Tech Award Winners for 2006

Footwear Innovation Award: Adidas Tour 360
Golf shoes haven’t always been considered equipment, but instead, have often been regarded as part of the fashion/apparel segment. This approach is rapidly changing as evidenced by the Adidas Tour 360 model. Featuring numerous technologies including a 360 Wrap design that surrounds the foot for an ultra-stable hitting platform, 3D FitFOAM sock liner, multi-directional Z-Traxion Lugs and an anti-clog clear TPU outsole, the Tour 360 embodies the modern take on a performance-oriented golf shoe.
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Dedication to Quality Award: Avon Pro D2x Grip
Though this might be a company you’re not familiar with, Avon makes top-quality grips for golf and a number of other activities. The Pro D2x model features a dual-molded compound with a firm rubber upper section and soft lower area that effectively supports the strong upper hand, weak lower hand gripping philosophy.
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Organization Award: Caddyrack “The Bag”
The golf bag is a piece of equipment that has definitely not benefited from technological advancement to the degree that other categories of golf equipment have. Yes there have been improvements in stand designs and all-weather performance, but the patented Caddyrack club organizer is the first legitimate improvement in bag technology in some time. Designed to protect and support the head of each iron separately while at the same time keeping the shafts apart, The Caddyrack is a great option for players who want to keep their clubs both organized and in tip-top condition. The company’s newest product, “The Bag,” comes fitted with the all new Caddyrack that also features six full-length compartments for woods and utility clubs.
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Custom Performance Award: Cobra HS9 Series
Comprised of three models, the HS9 X, F and M, Cobra’s new HS9 series of drivers goes above and beyond the norm in terms of allowing golfers to fit themselves with the right model for their swing speed and swing type. Featuring face angles and shaft flexes that are designed specifically for players with swing speeds that range from 76-110 mph, the HS9 drivers reflect the future of golf club design – customizability.
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The Full Package Award: Guerin Rife Two Bar Blade Putter
Putters have gotten more and more expensive in recent years, with many models providing only one noteworthy technology or design characteristic for the money. Guerin Rife’s Two Bar Blade provides a number of impressive technologies in one package including a forged body, 303 stainless-steel face plugs and backweighted bars, USGA conforming RollGroove Technology in the face, a Four-Point Stability Weighting System and a LieAline Fitting System which allows players to customize lie angle at will. It’s an impressive product with an impressive array of features that any player looking to hole more putts should check out.
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