GT Tech Awards 2006

Ultra Value Award: Dunlop LoCo Dart
Considering how expensive premium-quality titanium drivers have become, it’s refreshing to come across a model that provides outstanding performance and features without demanding a hefty price. The LoCo Dart from Dunlop features both brass and aluminum weights, which can be adjusted to manipulate launch and spin characteristics, as well as a carbon crown that displaces weight toward the heel and sole. The fact that this combination of features can be had for less than $250 is impressive.
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Mass Award: Heavy Putter
Created by Boccieri Golf, the Heavy Putter is a unique design that weighs up to 200 grams more than typical flatsticks. An impressive list of features includes a Weight Management System that consists of a 250-gram insert located in the upper portion of the shaft that’s designed to effectively prevent an early release of the putterhead and the accompanying wrist breakdown errors that lead to offline putts. The extremely heavy weight of the putter encourages the player to use the bigger muscles in the torso to control the stroke, rather than those located in the wrists and hands. Adjustable weights allow for customization.
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Nike SasquatchBigfoot Award:  Nike Golf’s PowerBow Technology  
When you’ve got the best player of all time using your equipment, it’s easy to sit back on your heels. However, Nike Golf’s engineering staff, lead by Tom Stites, has done nothing of the sort, as evidenced by the SasQuatch driver and its PowerBow design, which stretches the clubhead as far as the USGA will allow from front to back. An extremely low and deep CG location and a ton of forgiveness is the result.
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Macgregor FLSRedux Award: MacGregor The Fat Lady Swings By Bobby Grace
We all remember the original Fat Lady that won all those tournaments for Nick Price back in the ’90s. Well, the new model is far superior to the old one, due to a three-way weighting scheme that produces a high polar MOI, as well as fully adjustable heel-toe weighting that allows golfers to customize feel and performance. Bobby Grace’s signature milled-aluminum construction provides a unique soft feel, which is further enhanced by a milled Beryllium Copper face insert. For anyone who liked the original Fat Lady,  this mallet is worth a look.
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Cleveland DSGVersatility Award: Cleveland DSG
Typically, most wedge designs force golfers to choose between normal- or low-bounce options. But for players who travel to different courses, as well as for those who like to play a variety of shots around the green, a single-bounce wedge design is not optimal. Cleveland’s DSG (Dynamic Sole Grind) design solves this problem by allowing players to open and close the clubface at will without affecting the degree of bounce. The fact that this sole was incorporated into one of the most popular wedge models in history is a bonus.
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