GT Tech Awards 2006

Cleveland HIBOREVision Award: Cleveland HiBORE
The new HiBORE design from Cleveland features a scoop-back body structure and extremely low and deep CG location. The goal of the unique HiBORE design is to match the CG location with the club’s CGP (Center of Gravity Projection), a technique that places the effective hitting area of the club right in the center of the face, making it easier for average golfers to maximize performance, while giving faster swingers who like to hit the ball high on the clubface more room to do so. In a highly competitive driver segment, the HiBore definitely stands out.
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Odyssey White SteelPushing The Envelope Award:  Odyssey SRT Technology
Odyssey’s SRT (Saturn Ring Technology) features rings made from a high-density alloy that combines with a lightweight body to significantly increase MOI and forgiveness. In addition, the Tri-Ball SRT also features three colored discs on the top of the clubhead, providing a more than ample alignment aid. When it comes to pushing game-improvement designs to the extreme, these putters lead the pack. 
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Mizuno MX-900Trendsetter Award: Mizuno MX-900 Irons
Every once in a while, there’s a club design that  captures the essence of where future designs should go. Mizuno’s MX-900 irons represent a huge step toward providing golfers with the ultimate combination of iron accuracy and wood/hybrid distance, trajectory and forgiveness. Utilizing several technologies, including HEMI COG, CORTECH, Hollow Body and Mizuno’s famed Grain Flow Forging, the MX-900 irons offer a versatile, easy-to-hit option that any golfer will appreciate.
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ShaftsPerformance Award: Driver Shafts 
Driver shafts are arguably the most technologically advanced golf club components, as well as the ones that have the greatest overall effect on performance. Though stock shafts (the ones that come with a new driver) are better than they have ever been, premium aftermarket shafts have reached unprecedented levels of engineering and performance. If you’ve spent several hundred dollars on an oversized titanium driver recently, it’s definitely worth your while to check out one of these GT Tech Award Winners: Aldila VS Proto, UST Proforce V2, Grafalloy Prototype Comp NT, Fujikura Rombax, Fujikura E300 Series, Graphite Design Pershing.

Callaway X460Stability Award: Callaway Consistent Alignment Sole
When it comes to driver design, just about every portion of the clubhead has been worked on, with the exception of the sole. Now that fact is no more, as Callaway’s X460 driver features a unique Consistent Alignment Sole with subtle keels that function to keep the clubhead square at address, making alignment significantly easier. The X460 also features a 10-percent larger face area than previous Callaway drivers and more weight positioned to help the club resist Champ Scorpion Stingertwisting through impact, both vertically and horizontally.
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Traction Award: Champ Scorpion Stinger 
A division of MacNeill Engineering, Champ is currently the leader in golf spike technology, as seen by the impressive Scorpion Stinger. Designed to provide the ultimate combination of comfort and grip, the Scorpion Stinger features both firm and soft traction elements that support the shoe and help cradle the foot. A nice extra touch is the visible wear indicator that lets you know when it’s time for new spikes.
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