Golf Tips’ Tech Awards 2010

The Year's Best Golf Equipment

Top Progressive Set Award:
Adams Idea Tech V3 Irons
Each club in this set is easy to hit, not to mention easy on the eyes. We love seeing progressive sets that look like they all match and belong together.

Top Hybrid Iron Set Award:
Cleveland HB3 Irons
Easy to hit? That’s an understatement. The HB3s are a newbie golfer’s dream.

Best Classic Design Award:
PING G15 And i15 Drivers
Both don’t have built-in adjustability features, but that’s actually what we like most about them. They both perform as well as, if not better than, most drivers out there.

Truest Roll Award:
Odyssey Backstryke
Designed with ìForward Press Stabilizationî (a shaft that fits in the back of the clubhead and places the hands ahead of the ball), the Backstryke ensures you’ll impart end over end roll on your putts. And that leads to truer rolls.

Best Training Aid Award:
Tour Striker
You’ve seen the commercials on Golf Channel and all your friends have one. The Tour Striker has come out of nowhere to become the most popular training aid in golf. Why? Instant feedback that helps golfers make solid impact time after time.

Best Smartphone App Award:
Golf Logix GPS
Who likes to carry a GPS and a cell phone? Let’s be honest, it’s much easier to combine the two and the Golf Logix app does it the best. Hey, they’ve been in the mapping business for years so we feel confident that their yardages are spot on.

Radical Shoe Design Award:
TRUE Linkswear
For the past few years, shoemakers have been closing the gap between a golfer’s feet and the earth, but TRUE Linkswear has taken it, er, one step further. Their TPU sole is just 2.5 mm thick! It’s like playing golf in your bare feet. Now that’s radical.

Best Ball You’ve Never Heard Of Award:
Dixon Fire
At $75/dozen, Dixon is aware that their high-performance Fire balls are exceptionally good. We tested them, and concur. Could be the breakthrough product of 2011 if Tour pros get on board.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.


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