Golf Tips’ Tech Awards 2010

The Year's Best Golf Equipment

Top Shape Award:
Callaway Diablo Edge
The unique, asymmetrical shape of the Diablo Edge woods make them not just appealing to the eye, but also aerodynamically engineered for a faster clubhead speed.

Light It Up Award:
Cleveland LAUNCHER DST Woods
Going lighter is the easiest way to ramp up clubhead speed. Cleveland found a way to make their woods both lighter and stronger at the same time.

Best Brand You’ve Never Heard Of Award:
Fourteen Golf
Although only five years old, this company has quietly found its way into a handful of Tour bags out on the professional tours. Their wedges and irons are flat-out awesome.

Best Driver Under $150 Award:
Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max
It’s long, easy to hit and easy on the wallet. Hmm, why can’t all drivers be this price? It’s as good as any of ’em.

Fairway Power Award:
Tour Edge Exotics XCG Fairway Woods
Ever since the first Exotics fairway woods, the line has been among the longest fairway woods we’ve tried. This year? Nothing different. They’re extremely long, this time with more forgiveness.

Fairway Control Award:
(Tie) Callaway FT-iZ and Cleveland HiBORE XLS
Both these fairway woods seem to self-correct, making it easier to hit straighter, more consistent shots from the fairway.

Hybrid Shape Design Award:
Bobby Jones H2
The unique design of the H2 hybrid makes them incredibly versatile, and just plain fun to hit.

Rough Cutter Award:
TaylorMade Raylor
“Rough? What rough?” The Raylor is back and better than ever. Considering this club was made specifically for handling the rough, it’s no wonder we picked it as a winner in this category.


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