The Replacements

No longer considered a novelty, the hybrid club has developed a new reputation as the go-to shotmaker from the fairway, the rough and, believe it or not, around the green.

Izzo Zwood

Izzo Zwood No, Izzo isn’t just a bag strap company. The new line of Zwoods is an inventive and unique approach to hybrids, helping golfers not only replace fairway woods and irons, but drivers as well. Golfers need only expect longer and higher tee and fairway shots, thanks to a carbon crown and Intelligent Engineering technology. 
Lofts: 12.5°, 16°, 20°, 24°, 28° (available LH)

Macgregor NVG2
$160 ($180 graphite)

Macgregor NVG2 MacGregor’s proprietary plasma-welding technique allows for a Cup Face 360° design that removes any welds from the clubface and increases strength as well as the size of the effective hitting area. A proprietary Fujikura Triple Action shaft helps increase clubhead speed for a wide range of golfers, even those with slower swing speeds. This is clearly MacGregor’s most advanced hybrid to date.
Lofts: 17°, 20°, 23°, 26° (available LH)

Nickent 3DX DC

Nickent 3DX DC Through the application of two tungsten-polymer fused inserts, approximately 40 grams of weight was moved down and back in the head to optimize CG for greater forgiveness and a higher spin rate. The finished product is a powerful hybrid with excellent control.
Lofts: 14°, 15.5°, 17°, 18.5°, 20°, 21.5°, 23°, 24.5°, 26° (available LH)

Nike Golf Slingshot Hybrid
$179 ($199 graphite)

Nike Slingshot Slingshot Hybrids feature a low CG location due to a carbon crown and Nike Golf’s innovative Slingback design, similar to that used in the Slingshot irons. According to Nike Golf, these two elements reposition approximately 70% of the clubhead mass below the equator of the ball, making it that much easier for golfers to get the ball airborne on a consistent basis. 
Lofts: 17°, 20°, 23° (available LH)

Perfect Club 347

Perfect Club 347 The popular Perfect Clubs seem to grow in number every year, and in 2006 are joined by the 347, which is the most hybrid-like offering in the bunch. An easy-to-hit replacement for your 3- or 4-iron or 7-wood, the 347 is designed with a low CG and a specially engineered shaft by Grafalloy to ensure high launch and longer flight. An offset hosel should help tame your slice. Don’t miss the full line of easy-to-hit Perfect Clubs available online at the company’s Website.
Lofts: 21° (available LH)

Ping G5

Ping G5 The G5 line of hybrids features a 455 steel face that’s machined and robotically plasma-welded, a technique that allowed PING engineers to reposition a significant amount of weight toward the sole to optimize spin rates and launch angles. A sloped crown and compact head design help lower and deepen the CG location and improve playability.
Lofts: 16°, 19°, 22°, 25° (available LH)


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