The Replacements

No longer considered a novelty, the hybrid club has developed a new reputation as the go-to shotmaker from the fairway, the rough and, believe it or not, around the green.


Adams IDEA a2/a2 OS
$170 ($200 graphite)

Adams IDEA a2/a2 OS The Adams IDEA a2 (pictured) features a smaller, Tour-like size and shape, low CG, high MOI and produces slightly less spin than many competitive hybrids. Due to these design features, the a2 is geared toward those with higher swing speeds and more accomplished golfers in general. In contrast, the a2 OS features a true game-improvement design with a generous amount of offset and a low and deep CG placement.
Lofts: IDEA a2—16°, 18°, 20°, 23°; IDEA a2 OS—17°, 19°, 23° (available LH)

Bridgestone J33

Bridgestone J33 Made from responsive stainless steel, the J33
utility woods feature an elastomer compound insert within each clubhead to both deaden unwanted vibration and create a more efficient transfer of energy at impact. In addition, a tungsten weight in the sole of each club effectively lowers the CG to make getting the ball airborne easier.
Lofts: 15°, 18°, 21° (no LH)

Callaway Fusion FT-Hybrid
$250 ($275 graphite)

Callaway Fusion FT-Hybrid Introducing the FT-Hybrid, which features a stainless-steel face and body and a lightweight carbon-composite crown that repositions weight to lower and deeper areas of the clubhead. Like the FT-3 Driver, the FT-Hybrid utilizes Callaway’s OptiFit system, which allows golfers to choose between CG locations that fit their swings—draw for those who fight a slice and neutral for those who fight a hook.
Lofts: 14°, 17°, 20°, 23°, 26° (available LH)
Dunlop LoCo Dart

Dunlop Loco DartCarbon crowns are rare in hybrids, but worthwhile when considering the strong performance of the new LoCo Dart hybrid. Better yet, this hybrid has adjustable weights in two sole ports for customized trajectory and a Harrison 3.5 D Dart Graphite shaft for exceptional distance.
Lofts: 18°, 22° (available LH)

Hippo XXL

Hippo XXL The new XXL utility clubs from Hippo Golf feature twin weight plugs in the rear section of the clubhead for customizable trajectories. The low-profile design helps to lower the CG, resulting in a utility club that promotes high-flying and high-spinning golf shots from both the turf and from the tee. Tack on a proprietary graphite shaft and the XXL is an outstanding value club that doesn’t skimp on technology. 
Lofts: 18°, 21°, 24°, 27° (no LH)

Innovex RLS

Innovex RLS In case you haven’t heard of Innovex, be on the lookout as the company’s newest line of hybrids is quickly becoming popular. Made of durable 15-5 stainless steel, the RLS hybrids feature the kind of attributes any golfer could want. It starts with a lowered CG, a high MOI, a widened sole and a smooth design that makes adjusting from an iron to a hybrid shape a piece of cake. No need for a long iron in the bag with these sure-fire replacements.
Lofts: 18°, 22°, 27° (no LH)


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