Storm The Fairway

Make solid contact with your fairway woods

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If you really want to crush it...

One trick I like to use to add extra oomph to my fairway-wood shots is to hit a draw. It can be done, and the solution is pretty simple. First, set up with the ball a little farther away from your body. This will add a lot more width to your swing. Second, at the top of your swing, try to keep your hands lower. This will flatten your backswing, making it easier to swing from inside-out. Give it a try the next time you need to nuke one from the fairway. Draws almost always go farther than fades.


Try your putting grip to help quiet your hands as you chip it close.

When it comes to chipping with something other than a wedge or an iron, most people think hybrids are the next choice. And while that's doable, I actually prefer the fairwaywoodchip. It gets the ball rolling quicker, the wide sole prevents fat/thin shots, and it's a pretty easy shot to control.

To do so is simple. Just address the ball using whatever putting grip you prefer and choke down on the shaft. Then, after you get your grip, set up exactly as you would a puttand rock the shoulders. There's no need to get flippy with the hands or try to lift the ball. In fact, you'll see the ball rolls almost right away, and after a few tries, the ball will noticeably jump off the face pretty easily.

Try this shot next time you're left with an uphill shot from around the green. You'll find it's a lot easier than either hitting it in the air or trying to pass a narrow putter through the thicker grass.

Set up as you would a putter, but don't stand as close.

Keep the clubhead low on the backswing.

Stay low through the downswing.


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