Storm The Fairway

Make solid contact with your fairway woods

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What usually happens when you try to hit at the ball? In this photo, I'm trying to muscle the ball using my upper body (especially my shoulders), which is a big no-no. This holdsme back on my right foot and from here, I'll hit nothing but fat and thin misses. Not good!

Instead, the key is to stay relaxed and balanced. The better impact position is one where the hips have opened, my weight has shifted and my hands are either directly above or ahead of the ball at impact. To get here, you need tomake a smooth swing, let the club do the work and don't try to force the ball up into the air. It'll happen on it's own.


Just because you're in a fairway bunker, you don't have to hit an iron.With a fairway wood, the goal is to catch the ball cleanly and with a more level to-the-ground swing, so it's actually a pretty useful tool in the sand. And the wide sole helps prevent digging. Just be sure of two things. You need a perfect lie and no bunker lips in your way.

Don't be afraid to make a full backswing.

Keep the feet quiet through the downswing.

Notice how I barely made a divot?

Finish in balance on the left side.


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