Fairway Woods Buyer's Guide 2007

Whether it?s a fairway wood or hybrid, knowing what club to hit depends on what clubs are in your bag

Tech Talk
Hybrids For Everyone
By John Hoeflich
Nickent Golf

The original hybrids tended to have a lot of game-improvement characteristics and were very difficult for the better player to hit consistently because they launched too high and created too much spin. Today, there’s a wider variety of hybrids with different launch characteristics that are suitable for a wider variety of players. Weight plugs, exotic materials and hybrid-only shafts are some of the big changes that have improved the overall performance of hybrids to the point where they’re quickly becoming a mandatory part of just about every golfer’s bag.

Multiple materials like brazed titanium/steel heads, weight plugs and screws, and improved weight distribution have also significantly contributed to hybrid performance. Today, a golfer can pick a distance, launch angle, spin rate and shot shape that suits his or her game. Most players are either good with woods or irons, but not both. So substituting an ironwood for long irons or a utility for a fairway wood can benefit a lot of players.

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