Fairway Woods Buyer's Guide 2007

Whether it?s a fairway wood or hybrid, knowing what club to hit depends on what clubs are in your bag

Adams Insight BUL
(800) 622-0609 | $199

Adams insight BUL Built to be exceptionally forgiving, the Insight BUL is also very long.
Features: The steel body of the Insight BUL is combined with a titanium face and crown section to effectively strengthen the hitting area, as well as lower the CG and elevate the club’s MOI.
Advantages: The upside-down appearance (remember the ol’ Tight Lies?) makes it easier to sweep through the rough or hit from, you guessed it, tight lies. That doesn’t mean it’s not great for hitting off the tee as well, as the Insight BUL proves its worth as a solid driver alternative.
Benefits: Players who like to hit it long from the turf.
What We Like: The titanium crown and face really make for a solid feel and sound at impact. It also gets the ball airborne in a hurry.
Lineup: Insight BUL, Insight BTY, Redline RPM, RPM Low Profile
Clubhead: Stainless steel, Titanium
Clubface: Titanium
Lofts: 13°, 15°, 18°, 21°
Shafts: Adams 75g Speedline graphite by Aldila (X, S, R)
Bob Burns No Bananas
(920) 991-9663 | $175

Bob Burns No Bananas Slicers know that slices aren’t just limited to tee shots. The No Bananas is designed to help straighten out shots from both the tee and fairway.
Features: By utilizing a subtle offset and a clubface angle that’s closed a couple degrees, the No Bananas fairway woods help not only correct slices, but also promote drawspin, which eventually leads to more distance.
Advantages: The 3-wood model comes with adjustable weights to aid trajectory and fine-tune spin. The 5- and 7-wood are remarkably forgiving.
Benefits: Obviously, the golfers who will get the most out of the No Bananas are slicers. The drawspin adds extra distance too.
What We Like: We’re still in love with the logo! Nevertheless, the performance also speaks for itself.
Lineup: No Bananas
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Lofts: 15°, 19°, 24°
Shafts: Bob Burns graphite (S, R, A); Custom shafts available
Bobby Jones Player Series
(866) 858-5522 | $230

Bobby Jones Player Jesse Ortiz has taken his vast knowledge of both traditional and modern wood design to create a unique club with an elegant look.
Features: An eye-catching shape and low-profile design that utilizes a forged maraging-steel crown insert to move more weight into low and deep areas of the clubhead for a low and deep CG. That means higher-flying shots.
Advantages: Playability from the tee, fairway and rough, as well as higher launch angles and greater overall distance.
Benefits: Higher overall trajectory for greater distance, forgiveness and accuracy is ideal for virtually every kind of player.
What We Like: Unusual but classy look combined with modern performance. The Bobby Jones and Jesse Ortiz combo is a plus.
Lineup: Players Series
Clubhead: Maraging steel
Clubface: Same
Lofts: 13°, 15°, 17°, 19°
Shafts: Graphite Design JS graphite (X, S, R)
Callaway Big Bertha
(800) 818-5117 | $199

Callaway Big Bertha The new Big Bertha fairway wood is bigger than the original Big Bertha driver!
Features: This set of fairway woods feature wide soles and a wide width from head to toe, all the while maintaining a low profile. This design affords the club a low CG position and a strong MOI, for shots that fly high and straight.
Advantages: Like the driver, the clubhead of each fairway wood rests on two areas of the sole, and the new white alignment aid along the leading edge of the clubface makes aligning the clubhead a breeze.
Benefits: Those who want to bomb it from the fairway.
What We Like: We couldn’t believe this club was actually bigger than the original BB. Not only that, but we think it’s longer as well.
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Lofts: 16°, 19°, 22°, 25° (16°, 19° available LH)
Shafts: Big Bertha Fairway Graphite (S, R, A); Custom shafts available
Callaway X Hot
(800) 818-5117 | $229

Callaway X Hot Equipped with the kind of technology normally reserved for drivers, the new X Hot Fairway from Callaway begs golfers to go for more par-5s in two.
Features: The new X Hot Fairway model has a 44-inch shaft, and like the Big Bertha fairway woods, is also bigger than the original Big Bertha driver. Only this time, the X Hot has an enhanced Carpenter steel clubface for increased ball speed.
Advantages: The oversized design lends a high MOI and lowered CG, and the 44-inch Fujikura Banzai shaft makes this fairway wood driver-esque.
Benefits: Players who want driver-like distance from the fairway.
What We Like: Is this really a fairway wood? Or a driver?
Lineup: Big Bertha, X Hot, X, Fusion
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Carpenter steel
Lofts: 15° (available LH)
Shafts: Fujikura Banzai (S, R, A)
Bridgestone J33
(800) 358-6319 | $179

Bridgestone J33 Traditional profile designed for more accomplished players, but with the addition of modern technological advantages.
Features: Constructed from responsive 17-4 stainless steel for increased ball speed, the J33 fairway woods also feature an elastomer compound insert within the clubhead for reduced vibration at impact and a more efficient energy transfer for greater distance. Tungsten weighting in the sole effectively lowers and deepens the CG location.
Advantages: Penetrating trajectory with added distance and forgiveness.
Benefits: Provides accuracy as well as shotmaking versatility, making it a wood for everyone.
What We Like: The impressive blend of traditional looks and modern performance, and the Aldila NV shaft is a fantastic addition. Nice price, too.
Lineup: J33
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Lofts: 15°, 18°, 21°
Shafts: Aldila NV 75 graphite (X, S, R)

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