Fairway Woods Buyer's Guide 2006

Today's fairway woods have tons of technology and an array of features that make them a must from the tee, fairway and rough. Don't miss out.

Bobby Jones Player Series
(866) 858-5522 | $230

Bobby Jones Player Jess Ortiz takes his vast knowledge of both traditional and modern wood design and creates a unique club with an elegant look.
Features: An eye-catching shape and low-profile design that utilizes a forged maraging-steel crown insert to move more weight into low and deep areas of the clubhead for a low and deep CG. That means higher-flying shots.
Advantages: Playability from the tee, fairway and rough, as well as higher launch angles and greater overall distance.
Benefits: Higher overall trajectory for greater distance, forgiveness and accuracy.
What We Like: Unusual but classy look combined with modern performance. The Bobby Jones and Jesse Ortiz combo is a plus.
Lineup: Player Series
Clubhead: Maraging steel
Clubface: Same
Loft(s): 13°, 15°, 17°, 19° (no LH)
Shaft(s): Graphite Design JS graphite (X, S, R)

Bridgestone J33
(800) 358-6319 | $249

Bridgestone J33 Traditional profile designed for more accomplished players, but with the addition of some modern technological advantages.
Features: Constructed from responsive 17-4 stainless steel for increased ball speed, the J33 fairway woods also feature an elastomer compound insert within the clubhead for reduced vibration at impact and a more efficient energy transfer for greater distance. Tungsten weighting in the sole effectively lowers and deepens the CG location.
Advantages: Penetrating trajectory with added distance and forgiveness.
Benefits: Provides accuracy as well as shotmaking versatility, making it a wood for everyone.
What We Like: The impressive blend of traditional looks and modern performance.
Lineup: J33
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Loft(s): 15°, 18°, 21°, (no LH)
Shaft(s): Aldila NV 75 graphite (X, S, R)

Callaway X
(800) 818-5117 | $250 ($225 steel)

Callaway X Callaway has long been a stalwart in fairway-wood design, and the X is the company’s latest and possibly best yet.
Features: A three-piece stainless-steel clubhead and dual-keel sole as well as strategically placed perimeter weighting create a high MOI and consistent trajectory and ballflight.
Advantages: Unique sole design stabilizes the clubhead both at address and through contact.
Benefits: Any golfer who ultimately needs forgiveness from a 3-wood, look no further.
What We Like: Slightly smaller Tour models with stronger lofts.
Lineup: Fusion, X, Big Bertha Titanium, Big Bertha
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Loft(s): X—15˚, 17˚, 19˚, 21˚, 23˚ (15˚, 19˚, 21˚ available LH); X Tour—13˚, 15˚ (no LH)
Shaft(s): Proprietary Fujikura graphite (X, S, R, A); Callaway steel (uniflex)
Cleveland Launcher Steel
(800) 999-6263 | $200

Cleveland Launcher Steel Cleveland continues its run at the top with outstanding new steel woods.
Features: The low-profile clubhead is built using Thin Crown Technology, which takes approximately 15% more weight out of the top so it can be redistributed to low and deep areas. A Carpenter-steel face increases effective hitting area.
Advantages: The profile of the clubhead makes it easy to slide under the ball from a variety of lies, while the Carpenter-steel face adds ball speed.
Benefits: Those who are looking for a hot-faced fairway wood with a traditional look.
What We Like: Offset models are a nice touch.
Lineup: Launcher Comp, Launcher Steel, Launcher Steel Offset
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Carpenter steel
Loft(s): 13˚, 15˚, 15˚ o/s, 17˚, 19˚, 19˚ o/s, 22˚, 22˚ o/s, 25˚ (15˚, 15˚ o/s, 19˚, 19˚ o/s, 22˚, 22˚ o/s, 25˚ available LH)
Shaft(s): Cleveland Silver graphite (X, S, R, A)

Golfworks Maltby KE4
(800) 848-8358 | $150

Golfworks Maltby KE4 Maltby/Golfworks’ new fairway woods feature a unique weight-adjustment system.
Features: A classic head shape and consistent face heights of 1.375 inches throughout the set provide a low and deep CG in the lower-lofted woods to promote a high ballflight. The higher-lofted models have face heights deep enough to provide solid performance from a variety of lies.
Advantages: Golfworks’ Screw-Within-A-Screw adjustable-weight system (14 grams) allows golfers to self-customize feel and CG location without negatively affecting performance.
Benefits: If you like to tinker with your fairway woods, the KE4s are a good option.
What We Like: Maintaining consistent face heights throughout the set is an innovative idea.
Lineup: KE4, CT250, Peak Velocity FST
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Loft(s): 14°, 18°, 21°, 24°, 27° (no LH)
Shaft(s): KE4 Graphite (X, S, R)

(800) 204-2807 | $99

Hippo XXL This Euro-based company offers solid performance at attractive prices.
Features: Unique energy cell system locates two polymer chambers in the back of the clubhead to lower and deepen the CG while also minimizing energy loss at impact. A deep-face design made of maraging steel and a power-channel soleplate round out the design features of this distance-oriented club.
Advantages: Distance—HiPPO designers have geared this club to produce long, high shots for the average player.
Benefits: A solid club for golfers who place a premium on distance, and those who favor their fairway woods off the tee.
What We Like: A really long wood, like the XXL.
Lineup: ITX2, XXL
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Maraging steel
Loft(s): 15°, 17°, 19°, (no LH)
Shaft(s): HiPPO XXL graphite (S,R)


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