2014 Buyer's Guide Woods

Hybrid technology is right up there with fairway woods

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By Lee Huntley, PGA, LPGA

Hitting chip-and-run shots with your fairway wood or hybrid is a great way to make sure the lie doesn't affect your results too much. Why? Hybrids and woods have wide soles and you don't have to try and scoop the ball up like you would with a wedge or an iron.

To hit this shot successfully, set up with the ball in the center of your stance with some shaft lean toward the target. Really, for this shot, the setup is the only difference from your normal putting routine. Mimic your putting stroke, making a smooth, rhythmic stroke into and through the back of the ball. The key is to avoid using a lot of wrist action, and rock the shoulders, keeping the clubhead low going back and through.

I like to think of this chip shot as though you're lightly tossing a golf ball onto the green. In fact, that's a great drill to ingrain the proper feel. Simply grab a ball and toss it lightly onto the green. Do that a few times, and you'll develop a sense for the right sequence of motion when hitting a chip with your woods or hybrids.


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