2013 Buyer's Guide Woods

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Key Feature: Designed to be not only long, but also versatile from different lies, these woods have the thinnest face ever in a PING wood. The external sole weight lowers the CG for high, long-flying launch.
Who It's For: All player types. It's also specially designed to help players who miss low on the clubface.
Wow Factor: We love the all-black look; and listen up: These are spectacular woods. They're PING's best to date.
Specs: Four lofts (15°, 16°, 18°, 21°) with PING TFC 189F graphite shafts. (LH available) 
ping.com | $229
Key Feature: The classically shaped fairway woods feature an adjustable sole plate and boast improved sound, an optimized CG and a 1.5° FCT sleeve that allows golfers to make an adjustment range of 3° of lie and 3° loft/6° face angle. It's not a new club, but check out that discounted price!
Who It's For: Tinkerers and golfers who want the kind of adjustability normally reserved for Tour players.
Wow Factor: 24 different settings here, so have at it!
Specs: Five lofts, Aldila RIP Phenom 70 shaft. Comes in a TP version, too. (LH available)
taylormadegolf.com | $149
RocketBallz Stage 2
Key Feature: The clubhead is made of thin, high-strength "Rocket Steel" that helps boost clubhead speed and thus distance by up to 10 yards over last year's RocketBallz fairway woods. A speed pocket slot on the sole flexes at impact to promote faster ball speed.
Who It's For: Everyone. There's also a Tour version that has an adjustable hosel for a finely tuned launch.
Wow Factor: The shallow face design is, in a word, awesome.
Specs: Four lofts (15° 3-wood, 17° 3HL-wood, 19° 5-wood, 23° 7-wood), Matrix RocketFuel 60 shaft.
taylormadegolf.com | $249
Key Feature: A classic pear-shaped clubhead that delivers distance with stability. The flat sole weight and tapered hosel help position CG lower than in its predecessor 910F, for less spin and more stability, forgiveness and distance. Loft and lie can be independently adjusted.
Who It's For: Golfers wanting distance and forgiveness.
Wow Factor: These flat-out crush the ball.
Specs: Five lofts (13.5°, 15°, 17°, 19°, 21°), Aldila RIP Phenom 80, Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 82, Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue 72 and Titleist Bassara W 55/45 shafts.
titleist.com | $279
913F.d Low Spin
Key Feature: A full pear-shaped clubhead that delivers distance with lower spin than 913F, from low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight. The flat sole weight and tapered hosel help position CG low. Loft and lie can be independently adjusted.
Who It's For: Serious golfers wanting spin reduction.
Wow Factor: Remind us, why do we need a driver? Wow!
Specs: Two lofts (13.5°, 15°), Aldila RIP Phenom 80, Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 82, and Mitsubishi S+ Blue 72 shafts.
titleist.com | $279
Tour Edge Exotics
Key Feature: A beta-titanium cupface, high-density steel body and tungsten sole plate are combo-brazed together, resulting in more efficient energy at impact. The deep-faced wood has most of its total clubhead weight in the heel and toe, for stability and forgiveness. Variable face thickness helps mis-hit distance.
Who It's For: All golfers.
Wow Factor: We love deep-faced fairway woods. A lot.
Specs: Six lofts (11.5°, 13°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°) with an Exotics Matrix Ozik HD or Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shafts..
touredge.com | $299
Tour Edge Exotics
Key Feature: A no-weld-design includes a beta-titanium cupped face with a heavier hyper-steel body. Excess weight is shifted to the rear skirt and sole for a deep CG. The swept wing sole moves weight to the heel and toe for a large sweet spot. Variable face thickness helps add distance to mis-hits.
Who It's For: All player types, with a nod to the better ones.
Wow Factor: Feel is solid, as is shotmaking performance.
Specs: Four lofts (13°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°), with a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Tour shaft.
touredge.com | $299
Tour Edge Exotics
Key Feature: A wide, diamond-shaped V-sole squares the clubface at impact. Heel and toe weighting lends stability on off-center hits. Multiple-metal construction and variable face thickness help generate clout.
Who It's For: Golfers of all ability levels, especially diggers. These woods work marvelously through the fairway, and better than most from the rough.
Wow Factor: The rail design is the bee's knees. Much love!
Specs: Comes in four lofts (13°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°), with a Graphite Design graphite shaft.
touredge.com | $179
Wilson Staff
Key Feature: Lightweight design and precisely located mass properties optimize launch angle and spin rates for maximum distance. A rounded sole helps shot control from various lies.
Who It's For: All player types, especially the kind who want added forgiveness. Um, who doesn't?
Wow Factor: Wilson is really coming back with some solid woods. These are not to be overlooked.
Specs: Comes in three lofts (15°, 18°, 21°) with a Matrix OZIK HD5.1 55g graphite shaft.
wilsonstaff.com | $180


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