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By Jeff Yurkiewicz, PGA

One trick I like to use to add extra oomph to my fairway wood shots is to hit a draw. It can be done, and the solution is pretty simple. First, set up with the ball a little farther away from your body. This will add a lot more width to your swing. Second, at the top of your swing, try to keep your hands lower. This will flatten your backswing, making it easier to swing from inside out. Give it a try the next time you need to make one from the fairway. Draws almost always go farther than fades.

WOODS ARE STILL A POPULAR CATEGORY, much like what we saw in 2012. But how long will the power-hitting fairway-wood trend last? Looks like 2013 shows no sign of slowing down, as we've seen more long-hitting woods than ever before. By the way, hybrids are the de facto clubs in between fairway woods and irons, as even the best players in the world have them in their bag. So what will your set look like this year? More woods? More hybrids? Let this guide help you decide.

Golf Tips Legend

Key Feature: The nicely priced Acer XS fairway wood clubheads have a forged body that's coupled with a thin forged face for explosive distance.
Who It's For: Average players who want the satisfaction that comes with building a club from scratch.
Wow Factor: As usual, these woods are value-minded, but that doesn't mean they skimp on performance. They're both really long and forgiving.
Specs: Three models (15°, 18°, 21°) in an endless selection of shafts and grips. (LH available)
hirekogolf.com | $25/clubhead
XS Titanium Fairway
Key Feature: The all-titanium construction of the XS is hell-bent on helping golfers hit it farther from the grass. Weight is strategically positioned in the sole plate for added power and stability. Also, the lower lofts help this wood mimic a driver in terms of ballflight. Ka-pow!
Who It's For: Golfers who want an all-titanium build in their fairway woods, and who appreciate a great value.
Wow Factor: Again, a stellar price, especially considering the club is all titanium.
Specs: Two lofts (14°, 17°) in stock or custom options.
hirekogolf.com | $79
Speedline SUPER S
Key Feature: A slot in the sole—just behind the clubface—revs up distance and ball speed. Another slot in the crown boosts trajectory and carry distance. The stainless-steel crown is matte white, face is dark—a nice contrast.
Who It's For: Golfers needing significant distance from their fairway woods. This is a distance wood, for sure.
Wow Factor: The clubhead is conservatively shaped and low profile, and looks like it can get some serious yardage.
Specs: Three lofts (13.5° 3+-wood, 15° 3-wood, 18° 5-wood), with a Matrix HD Radix 65 graphite shaft. (LH and L available)
adamsgolf.com | $199


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