2011 Buyer's Guide Woods

Woods and hybrids are a breeze to hit

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I BET THESE two photos look similar, but if you focus on my hands, you'll see a big difference.

In the photo at left, my hands are opposite my left thigh, and in the photo at right, they're opposite my right thigh. What does hand position have to do with shot trajectory? A lot.

Consider the angle of my clubface in each photo. Notice how, on the left, the face is pretty square or a little delofted? Decreasing the club's loft produces a lower ballflight. In the photo on the right, the face is angling up a bit, because my hands are slightly behind the ball at impact. Obviously, adding loft will launch the ball on a higher trajectory.

While this tip is designed for better players, I suggest you give it a few test runs before implementing it on the course. There's a risk of topping it if you try the right-photo hand position.


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