2009 Woods Buyer's Guide

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Callaway FT Hybrid
Not a new hybrid for ‘09, but still a favorite. The FT uses Fusion Tech, albeit with a stainless-steel body and a tungsten-infused sole (no composite). This means the weight in the sole can be strategically manipulated, and depending on your model of choice, golfers can choose between a draw, fade or neutral version. Pair that with a low CG and a high MOI and you’ll be hitting higher and farther golf shots.
Lofts:18°, 21°, 24°, 27°
callawaygolf.com | $199
Cleveland HiBORE XLS
Employing Cleveland’s Distance Driven Geometry, these hybrids have a CG directly in line with the sweet spot, meaning the ball launches off the face with incredible speed. The inverted crown shape also includes a more blunt toe design and parabolic leading edge, lending itself some added versatility from tough lies. Two shafts are available (Gold/Red) depending on swing and ballflight characteristics.
Lofts: 1i-16°, 2i-19°, 3i-22°, 4i-25°, 5i-28
clevelandgolf.com| $149
Cleveland Launcher
Resembling the Launcher drivers and fairway woods, these hybrids also have an oversized clubface and a horseshoe weighting scheme that
puts weight low and away from the clubface. Also, each hybrid has Low Skirt technology, a feature where the crown slopes down to the sole of the clubhead. The result is a hybrid that launches the ball high, with added
spin and flies straight as an arrow.
Lofts: 1i-16°, 2i-19°, 3i-22°, 4i-25°, 5i-28°
clevelandgolf.com| $149


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