September 2007

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Cleveland - Tour Stand Bag
What’s The Hook? Look like a Tour pro without lugging a 30-lb. bag. Comes with a substantial 4-way top.
Who Should Buy It: Guys who like a little extra room for their accessories; wannabe Tour pros. shop now!

Club Glove - Afficianado III Stand Bag
What’s The Hook? Its fabric was designed and constructed from military spec parachute material.
Who Should Buy It: Golfers who prefer a long-lasting, durable, functional bag; people who like to jump out of planes.

Keri Golf - Brooke
What’s The Hook? Pink and green stripes add a feminine touch. Its matching mirror could be mistaken for a bag tag.
Who Should Buy It: Women who like to look as good on the course as they do off it; Ian Poulter.

MacKenzie - Original Walker
What’s The Hook? Classy, understated, old-school leather bag that keeps it (and the game) real.
Who Should Buy It: Traditionalists who long for the pre-cart days; people who think hickory shafts are the bomb.

Sun Mountain - H2O
What’s The Hook? A waterproof bag, the H2O promises to keep your clubs dry even when it rains.
Who Should Buy It: Die-hards who tee it up when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate; Pacific Northwesterners.

Ping - Moon Lite
What’s The Hook? This “Sunday” bag features a standing strap so it’s easier to pick up.
Who Should Buy It: Walkers who don’t like carrying a heavy bag; minimalists.




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