September 2007

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Looking to add a little zip to your short game? Cleveland’s new CG12 wedges feature “ZIP Groove technology.” Translation: the biggest milled grooves ever found on a Cleveland wedge. A proprietary coating to each groove protects the face during the sandblasting process, a step that maintains the grooves’ integrity. The result? Pristine, shiny, big grooves. The clubs (their lofts range from 46 to 60 degrees and bounces of 8 to 14 degrees) are made from 8620 carbon steel and retain the classic look that established Cleveland’s reputation as a wedge leader. But it’s the ZIP grooves that shine—literally. 

Black Pearl Version:
Chrome Version: shop now!

Hoof It!
2007 will probably go down as the year of unique driver shapes. Square, inverted crowns, triangular, even hexagonal! It seems nothing is too radical when it comes to equipment these days.

The same can be said for many accessories, in particular, bags, which have benefited in recent years from ergonomic designs (stand bags, dual shoulder straps), functional additions (ball silos, valuables pockets, insulated drink pockets) and outside-the-box designs (camouflage, tweed).

Check out a few of today’s hottest offerings in the carry bag line. There’s literally something for everyone. 



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