November-December 2011

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Affordable, long and preciseā€¦the "Holy Grail of golf balls." That's what Innovex says they've discovered in their new, cast urethane-covered V-Motion Tour ball ($30/dozen). The high-performance ball rings in for about half the price of the industry leader, and with a 318-dimple pattern, it reduces drag and delivers a penetrating ballflight yet retains high spin around the greens.

Made from 100% bamboo, and nearly unbreakable, the FATTEE ($6.99/60 tees) from Zero Friction is thicker than your traditional wood golf tee and provides unparalleled strength for better performance.

At first sight, Eyeline Golf's Ball of Steel ($30/3) may look like a red rubber ball, but pick it up and you'll realize it's anything but. Weighing five times more than a regular golf ball, the Ball of Steel is a putting training aid built to help you accelerate through the ball. Because it's so heavy, there's no way you can advance it without giving it a good knock. We loved how, after returning to a regular ball, we accelerated through the stroke. We'll probably never leave another putt short again. (For six-foot putts or less only.)


A recent survey by the sunglasses store N3L Optics found that golfers are more active outdoors than any other sports enthusiast, but only 19% of them wear sunglasses when they play. That's cause for concern when you consider how harmful the sun's UV radiation can be. N3L Optics helps educate consumers on how to pick the right pair of glasses for their sport. For golf, they suggest amber-, brown- or rose-tinted lenses, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and good-fitting wraparound lenses that block light from the sides. For more info on how they match lenses to the game, visit them online or in the store.

Looking for a career in golf? Or a degree that aligns with your passion for the game? Consider the National University Golf Academy. It offers you the opportunity to develop your professional, academic and playing abilities. The Golf Academy, located in sun-drenched San Diego County, is an innovative golf-education program that combines academics with golf at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. For more information, visit


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