November-December 2010

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Drymax Golf claims the fiber technology that’s woven into all the company’s sports socks ($8-$10) keeps your feet up to 25 times drier than socks made with wicking fibers. “They dry at the speed of sweat,” says Drymax’s founder. Sounds good to us! Available in white and black.

Inspired by the current barefoot running trend, the designers of TRUE linkswear’s TRUE tour shoes ($159) believe Mother Nature is the best engineer. Their shoes feature a wide toe box and a TPU sole that’s just 2.5mm thick! Worn by PGA Tour pro and the company’s cofounder, Ryan Moore, these golf shoes weigh a mere 11 ounces.

Fairway & Greene introduces four fashion collections for 2011, including the Cape Cod Collection ($60-$90), which takes classic colors and infuses them with a modern freshness, and the Sanibel Collection ($60-$105), which draws inspiration from the surf and beautiful shades of blue and green, plus classic navy and white.


Pilla Performance ($449 for two pair) claims that its bulletproof (yes, bulletproof) “Ballistx” lens material is the clearest sports lens on the market. Its light-management system lightens up the putting surface so the user can see and perform with greater accuracy than ever before. Comes in two golf models. (Liberty, shown).

Switch Vision sunglasses ($169-$249) feature a magnetic, interchangeable lens system, so you have great clarity no matter what the weather. Incredibly comfortable, too.

Need protection from the sun but don’t want to spend a fortune? Consider the Maxx sunglasses ($20). That’s right, twenty bills. Choose from 23 different models in their golf collection. (GT shown).


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