November-December 2009

The latest golf equipment, apparel and accessories

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Designed for the elite player, Bionic’s Pro Golf Glove ($39) offers an enhanced grip without sacrificing the feel required for precise shotmaking. Like other Bionic offerings, the Pro was designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and features ultrathin construction and a prerotated finger design. Conforms to USGA rules; cadet sizes available.

Originally designed for water sports, but making a splash on the golf course, the Trion:Z Active bracelet ($22) combines the negative-ion and magnet technology that has made Trion:Z products popular among pro athletes seeking mental clarity. Features twin 1000-gauss magnets that provide increased magnetic field flow. Its silicone band makes it very comfortable.

Golf is a game of opposites. To hit the ball right, you swing left; to hit the ball far, you hold the club lightly; to get the ball airborne, you hit down. It’s this last paradox that stymies 99% of all golfers, at least according to PGA teaching professional, Martin Chuck. So Chuck decided to do something about it. He invented the Tour Striker ($99), a training club designed to help golfers make Tour-like contact. Featuring an elevated leading edge (essentially a rounded face), the Tour Striker forces its users to lean the shaft angle toward the target and compress the ball at impact. Built as an 8-iron, you can use it to chip or pitch, too. Comes with an instructional video.

Why’s funnyman Will Ferrell nearly naked on a bottle of sunscreen? To support Cancer for College. Ferrell’s college friend, Craig Pollard, a two-time cancer survivor, founded the charity organization in 1993 with the goal of providing scholarships to current and former cancer patients. One hundred percent of all proceeds from Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen ($12) benefit Cancer for College.


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