November-December 2009

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From STX, the company that revolutionized lacrosse, comes the Envision TR ($199) putter. Designed by Bob Engman (a sculptor whose work is in MOMA’s permanent collection) the Envision TR features square angles and alignment lines to ensure golfers address the ball properly. Also, the square-shaped head distributes weight toward the heel and toe for a higher MOI. Comes in three insert options, Black (softest), Red (medium resiliency) and Green (firm).

Crowned the most innovative club at the 2009 PGA Show by Sports Illustrated, the Axis 1 Eagle ($299) putter is the brainchild of Luis Pedraza, an engineer who designed the 3-D computer mouse that controlled the Mars Rover. Pedraza found that when he relaxed his grip on standard putters, their face would open up. So he placed weight in the heel of the Axis 1 that counteracts the weight in the toe. The result? The center of gravity is now at the sweet spot. Pedraza claims his putter is the first to put the CG directly on the center of the clubface and in line with the shaft’s axis.

With eight new models to choose from, it should not be hard to find one of Tiger Shark’s new GreenSpeed putters to put in your bag. Each model comes with a five-gram weight installed at the factory and an additional 10- and 15-gram weight, along with a wrench so you can customize its feel. All models are face-balanced and come in a matte finish for reduced glare. Comes with either a Tiger Shark Jumbo grip or the oversized SuperStroke grip.

Featuring an integrated alignment aid to assist golfers while addressing the ball, the Spot On Putter ($129) allows the user to see his or her hands when they move out of position, or when his or her eyes aren’t positioned properly over the ball. The face-balanced mallets are CNC-milled out of military-specified stainless steel and are hand-finished. Standard length is 35 inches; custom length no additional charge. Shaft is double-bend offset.



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