November-December 2008

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High Octane For Your Driver

If you’re looking to soup-up the performance of your driver, it’s time to give serious thought to a shaft upgrade. One new option, Aldila’s VooDoo features S-Core technology that stabilizes the shaft with an innovative internal rib design. Another high-quality option is the AURA from Graphite Design. Available in Red, Gold, Blue and Green models, there’s an Aura for just about every swing speed and ballflight. To learn more, visit

Ball Control
Golf balls used to have numbers stamped on them (80, 90 and 100) to identify their relative firmness. Those numbers are gone now. So how do you know what compression your golf balls are? With the Hexcaliber compression gauge ($235-$275). Just place a ball in the device and pull the lever, and a precision compression reading is immediately displayed. Visit

Cobra’s New Poison
Cobra drivers always have appealed to long hitters, and the new L5V ($399) is no exception. Designed with what the company says is the largest clubface in golf, the L5V is built with a carbon composite crown and sole inserts for a high-launch, low-spin ballflight that maximizes distance. Visit

Dual Powered

Designed to simultaneously loosen and train muscles, the cleverly designed Power-Blade ($55) incorporates resistance and weight training into one device. Just apply it to any club (even a putter), and, in just a few swings, the weighted feel and wind resistance generated by its three blades help golfers train and develop better muscle memory and strength. Plus its weight doesn’t compromise your shaft, since it’s distributed evenly across for greater support. So you don’t have to worry about it bending or breaking the shaft as you do with weighted donuts that fit around the clubhead. For more info, visit

Golf  Vitality
Amino Vital has entered the golf market with a number of products designed to enhance stamina, strength and mental concentration during a round of golf or a gym session. Zach Johnson used it en route to winning a green jacket, and another 150 PGA Tour players use a variety of their products, as well (don’t be concerned, all supplements are steroid-free.) For more information, visit

Titleist Goes Deep
Players looking for a new big stick would do well to check out the new 909 D2 ($399) from Titleist. With a modern, pear-shaped profile, CNC-milled face insert, SureFit swingweight screw and a tuned-sole design, the 909 D2 is one of the most advanced drivers the company has ever brought to market. Visit


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