November-December 2008

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Adidas goes 360, Again
When Adidas Golf first introduced the original Tour360, some players thought it looked a bit odd. But after wearing it, and the Tour360 II, most became believers. The new Tour360 3.0  ($180) takes the unique design to the next level with 360WRAP and Heel Cup Technology. Available in three color combinations.  Visit

After Burner
If you’ve got a double-digit handicap,TaylorMade has a set of irons for you. Its new, highly forgiving Burner Plus ($599-$899) lineup features a high MOI, which makes them extremely easy to hit. Designed with a thin clubface, the club has the weight moved deep and back to increase the CG. Plus an increased degree of offset makes the Burner Plus irons easy to square up at contact. Comes in a standard set and a combo that includes two Rescue clubs to replace those hard-to-hit 3- and 4-irons. For more info, visit

Bag Boyz
“It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you look.” That’s what a golf coach once said to a GT editor. Of course, he was kidding, but there was some truth to what he said. After all, half the fun of golf is to acquire gadgets and high-tech accessories. Bags are no exception. In the past few years, they’ve gotten progressively sleeker. Consider these four offerings.  

Adidas Ascend
When Nike entered the golf market, many people didn’t think it would be successful. They were wrong. Now Adidas has decided to grow its on-course presence, too. The new Ascend golf bag boasts five full-sized pockets, a six-way air-mesh top and integrated kickstand. $99

Ping Freestyle
Featuring a see-through tee pocket, retractable strap and updated looks, the Freestyle screams “high-tech.” It also includes double-bend Mantis legs to help ensure a stable platform, eight pockets, a four-way top, full-length club dividers and an ergonomic design than fits snugly and comfortably while walking. Weighs less than five pounds. $135

TaylorMade Monza Stand
Disco is not dead. TM’s new Monza stand bag shimmers in its satin polyester finish, but its grooviness doesn’t stop there. Look for a velour-lined valuables pocket and insulated water-bottle pocket. Features six pockets and weighs 6.2 pounds, a lot less than a disco ball. Available in single or double strap. $169

Nike Xtreme Sport
This “xtremely” lightweight offering from Nike tips the scales at a mere five pounds. But its featherweight body is just one part of the Xtreme’s appeal. What else? Try its six color combos, six pockets and the eight-way divider. Not impressed? It also has a valuables pocket and water-bottle slot. Sweet. $99

Best Of Both Worlds
If you want a soft-core ball and mega distance but also want a Tour-caliber, multilayer cover design, it’s here. The new Bridgestone B330-RX ($45) makes it easier for golfers with average swing speeds to tap in to Tour-like responsiveness around the greens. In addition to the new and impressive B330-RX, Bridgestone is unveiling new iterations of the popular B330 and B330-S—this time with 4-layer technology. For the scoop, visit


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