November-December 2007

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

Cut It Out

If you’re the type of player who likes the Mizuno Cut Muscle design, but doesn’t want to give up cavity-back forgiveness, you’re in luck. The new MP-57 ($1,000, 3-PW) features both. The result of combining the Cut Muscle design with a cavity-back shape is an enhanced sweet spot with optimal perimeter weighting and a touch of shotmaking capabilities. Translation: It’s the ideal set of irons for the player looking for the right mix of forgiveness and ball maneuverability. Stock shafts include True Temper Dynamic Gold steel. Custom shaft and fitting options are also available.


Set, Load And Explode

Hitting the golf ball with more power and precision requires some serious effort, and the LeaderBoard ($250) has helped several of the world’s best players get the job done. The LeaderBoard helps strengthen the body and encourage the proper weight shift throughout the swing. The design features two foot plates, with the rear plate sliding in a lateral motion. Varying degrees of resistance can be applied to it, a feature that doesn’t just make this a swing trainer, but a muscle trainer as well.


Slippery When WetÂ…Not!

Heading overseas, the last thing you want to do is be unprepared for a four-hour round in unpredictable weather. Luckily, one of the GT editors got a hold of a pair of MacWet weather gloves on his last visit and avoided such a nuisance. The MacWet gloves are made with Aquatech technology to wick away moisture and provide a secure grip in virtually any type of weather. And, the MacWet gloves are made to be durable—make that four or five times more durable than other brands. They’re also an excellent choice for those who struggle with sweaty palms during hot and humid playing conditions.


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