November-December 2007

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When it comes to putting, nothing is more important than proper alignment. If you’re misaligned, your likelihood of sinking a putt greatly diminishes, no matter how smooth and repetitive your stroke may be. According to Cleveland Golf, the key to becoming proficient at aligning putts first requires that your eyes be directly above the ball, thus helping to better see the intended target line. The company’s new VP (Visual Performance) Putters ($109-$119) are designed with key features specifically to help golfers see whether or not their eyes are properly aligned over the ball before every putt.

The VP Putters use what’s called Dual Axis Alignment technology, which consists of carefully considered alignment indicators that, unless aligned perfectly, become visible so the golfer can immediately correct any misaligned eye or hand positions while set up over the ball. Other features designed to foster proper alignment include three options of models, hosel styles and lengths, as well as three variations of lie angle. Each VP Putter also features a Winn grip and a soft elastomer insert for a responsive feel. (VP 2 and VP 3 pictured.)

Hot Features:
• Dual Axis Alignment
Each VP Putter features an alignment aid that not only helps line up putts, but corrects the setup position as well.
• Elastomer Face Insert
Designed to provide a more responsive feel, the Elastomer insert makes distance control a breeze. It also displaces weight from the center of the face.
• Fitting Options 
Golfers can choose between three models, three lie angles and three shaft lengths.

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