November-December 2006

Ping Rapture Heaven Sent
Is it true that the next generation of PING irons is heaven sent? They are if you’re a true believer in innovative technology. The Rapture Irons ($135/club, there’s also a Rapture Driver) are PING’s most advanced to date, marking the first time the company has ventured into face insert technology for irons. Oversized and deep-soled, the Rapture Irons feature a lightweight titanium face insert housed by a heavier stainless-steel body, resulting in enhanced forgiveness, distance and trajectory. The custom-tuning port and elastomer compound in the cavity, as well as the tungsten toe weight, aid in reducing vibration and helping to keep the head square through impact. Designed for the player seeking the ultimate in game improvement, these irons might just perform miracles for your game. For more information, visit

SureShot GPS Aussie Rules
The folks at Tee2Green Technologies in Australia have made a splash with their handsome SureShot GPS yardage reader ($399). What makes it stand out? Well, namely its sleek design and color screen, a feature its rivals don’t possess. In addition to the standard GPS features (distance measuring to specific points, course data storage, ability to measure to points lasers can’t penetrate), the SureShot enables users to record shot statistics and even suggests which club to hit. The light, portable device can be clipped to your belt and its battery lasts much longer than the typical round of golf. It’s perfect in case you find yourself having to go extra holes with one of those boys from Down Under. For more information, visit

Tour Tempo Hot Wired
John Novosel, a Kansas-based inventor, serendipitously discovered a common trait among Tour pros: their swings had the same tempo. While watching playbacks of slow-motion swings, he noticed it took three times as long for them to complete their backswings as it did for them to return to impact, or as Novosel puts it: there was “a common ratio between backswing and takeaway.” Swings varied in speed, but nearly everyone’s ratio was 3:1. So, what does that mean for you? Not much, unless you pick up the Tour Tempo MP3 player ($99), a lightweight portable device that plays swing tones of varying speeds that match this 3:1 ratio. Just match your swing to the tempo that best fits you, and you, too, will be swinging like a pro. Visit

Bridgestone GC Series Bridgestone GC Series
After a successful entrance by Bridgestone Golf in the premium product category (with its J33 irons), the new GC Series irons ($699) are destined to do the same for the game-improvement category. There are two sets to choose from: the GC.MID, which features a midsized clubhead with minimal offset and progressive heel-toe weighting, as well as midsized sole widths and toplines. The other is the GC.OS, an oversized model with generous and consistent heel-toe weighting, wider soles and thicker toplines. Both models feature fixed weight discs in the heel and toe of the cavity as well as a bored-out Gravity Chamber that deepens in size as irons get bigger, thus aiding in more forgiveness, a higher MOI and higher trajectory. Both models feature a variety of shafts, with Nippon NSPRO shafts as standard.
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