May 2014

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We love when golf clothing doesn't look like, well, golf clothing. The new Devereux line embodies the look and feel we like. Simple, classic color palettes inspired by our neck of the woods in Los Angeles, fitted but not form-fitting sizes, and design inspirations from an era when golfers were considered the best-dressed athletes in the world.

The pure 360 shoe ($250) from adidas Golf features the brand's thinnest and softest leather in the upper. Its new outsole gives you swing-plane traction, while its mid-foot cleat enhances gripping and stability. We really like the color options and general aesthetics.

For adjustable drivers, Mitsubishi Rayon's FUBUKI ZT ($300) boasts the latest M.D.T. technology in the tip that yields a consistent bend profile throughout the swing. Its stiff midsection lowers launch and spin. The shaft has a high balance point geared for increasing clubhead speed.

Cleveland Golf's Smart Sole wedges ($99) come in two flavors: The 48-degree "S" eases bunker escapes while the 42-degree "C" helps make chip shots more consistent. The company's widest wedge sole helps prevent excess digging in turf and sand, so you'll get solid contact from anywhere. These are particularly awesome at eliminating chili dips, so be prepared to chip better.

Callaway NEOX Flyer 2 aviator-style sunglasses ($129) sport high-tech polycarbonate lenses, plus an ultrastrong and lightweight carbon-fiber frame that rests comfortably on your nose. The spring hinge temple is detailed with a woven texture. They look simple and cool, in either black or silver frames.

Hopkins Golf
's VL Pro ball ($19) is a three-piece, Surlyn®-covered model that performs long off the tee, but it also feels soft around the green, where you need it to be. We loved it in our testing, especially considering the price.

OGIO's Gotham stand bag ($240) boasts a stealth-black blend of exotic nylon fabrics. This lightweight model has cool speed zippers for easy pocket access, a four-point strap and roomy storage compartments.

The Swing Plane Perfector (£116) dials in exactly what the name implies: your swing plane. Simple to use and very well constructed, the SPP allows you to fine-tune your plane in precise numeric angles either from the turf or a mat or virtually any type of surface. Best of all, it collapses easy and fits in your golf bag.


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