May 2013

Top gear for Spring Golf

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IOMIC Art Grip Series Opus1 Putter Grips feature a special marble coloring process to create a stylish, unique pattern on each grip. The ergonomic design of these grips provides the feel and control necessary for increased confidence on the putting green. Art Grip Series Opus1 Putter Grips feature the revolutionary "IOMAX" technology, a proprietary compound that provides a soft feel with control. This material provides adhesiveness, is water- and friction-resistant, and is naturally white in color, which allows for a full spectrum of color—IOMIC's signature trait. ($17,

What's new this year with the Pro V1 and Pro V1x? Both balls have a softer feel than previous models, and according to Titleist, added durability, as well. Titleist calls the new technology "ZG Tech," which allows for a softer core that, in addition to providing a softer feel, actually helps promote a more controlled, lower-spin ballflight with the longer clubs. The cover has been spruced up, too, with a new Elastomer and paint that are designed to last longer and stay whiter. The Pro V1 features a 352-dimple pattern, and the lower-launching, lower-spin Pro V1x has a 328-dimple pattern. Both balls are out now. ($47/dozen,

Chase54 is an apparel brand that's new to golf. We've tried plenty of rain jackets that make minimal noise during the swing, but the Clayton is library-quiet. It's also roomy inside for freedom of movement. And it's ever-so-comfortable—soft polyester fleece lining keeps you warm, while external water-resistant polyester-nylon keeps you dry. It's offered in two contrasting black-and-white versions, both of which feature red piping and zippers. ($169,

We've tried several mobile phone swing analyzers, which provide you with instant feedback, jaw-dropping graphics and detailed information about your swing. Some are frankly laborious to figure out. Not the SwingTIP from Mobiplex. It's simple to use, straight from the box. Download the free app to your phone, clip the tiny, one-ounce sensor to your club's shaft, sync the Bluetooth and then swing away. It shows you an animation of your swing, along with your clubhead speed, swingpath, clubface angle at impact, tempo and impact location. Plus, it stores your stats and trends, and offers video tips. ($130,

Need a total game makeover? The T2Hole Golf Improvement System has all the tools you need to get your golf swing back on track—literally. Stance, alignment and swingpath can be refined and custom-fit to help you best fine-tune your stroke. It comes with a Putter Guide to help you feel and repeat a more accurate putting stroke. Buy it now, and you'll also get an instructional DVD featuring popular instructor Denis Pugh. ($149,


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