May 2013

Top gear for Spring Golf

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If you're looking for a cutting-edge putter, consider one of our favorites for 2013. The Dead Aim Putter helps you get your eyes positioned directly over the golf ball, thanks to a 3D alignment system that combines two lines through three holes cut out on the top of the putter. Cool enough, right? That's not all. The built-in alignment aid also serves as a housing mechanism for a laser that attaches to the putter. Obviously not legal during play, the laser is a handy training aid to help you see and feel proper face alignment. (The laser isn't obstructed by the ball; it shines over and at the intended target.) But wait, that's still not all! The Dead Aim Putter also comes with an optional center strike clip that attaches to the face of the putter to help you hone in on the putter's sweetspot. Talk about a lot of technology built into a putter. We love it, and by the way, each Dead Aim Putter has a soft, buttery feel that we really like. It's techy, but it's got a great look, feel and sound. ($149, plus accessories, )


Is there any better ball value out there than SRIXON's Q-Star? The all-around rock for average golfers now features a proprietary "Spin Skin" cover coating that helps generate more greenside spin from within 30 yards of the flag. For use back from the tee box, it's constructed to travel long and straight. The ball is best-suited for golfers with driver swing speeds of slower than 90 mph, which is most players. ($25/dozen, )


Expect TaylorMade's five-piece Lethal ball to be a surprise hit this year. We tested it in a variety of playing conditions—cold, warm, wet and dry—and found it to feel pleasantly soft while bringing plenty of life to shots. Its aerodynamic dimple pattern helps you control long shots in the wind. Plus, its ability to generate greenside backspin will help you zero in on the flag from within 100 yards. This replaces the Penta TP ball. Good thing, as it seems to offer superior performance. ($46/dozen,

Just because it's incredibly popular with LPGA Tour pros doesn't mean Volvik's Vista iV ball isn't for men. In fact, this four-piece ball might be too macho for most male golfers. It's best for low-handicappers with driver swing speeds of 80 to 120 mph. Its dual core that consists of a soft outer layer and a hard inner core—the opposite of conventional theory—is what helps it gain you distance, while the soft cover adds greenside spin and soft feel. It's available in five colors. ($48/dozen,

In our eyes, Odyssey's Versa #1 putter is a game-changer. Not only does its popular and textured "White Hot" face and silky grip help soften every putt, but its zebra-looking, "high-contrast" black-and-white color scheme helps simplify putt alignment and the process of squaring the putter at address. Unlike many other alignment putters, its pattern isn't visually distracting during the stroke—allowing you to key in on sinking putts. ($169,

Vanity putters are terrific, especially if your name is Scotty Cameron or Bobby Grace. So, who is David Glod, the namesake on Tour Edge's latest Tour Proto putter? He's the company's president and CEO, and an outstanding golfer. As it happens, the putter's pretty spectacular, too. The head is milled from carbon steel, which resonates a genuinely soft feel. Its face pattern decreases spin, so the ball rolls truer and straighter at your target. There are three head styles—we tested one of the Anser-style blades—and found they're geared for better players. ($219,


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