May 2012

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Bridgestone has four new balls in their B330 ($45/dozen) lineup. Each features Dual Dimple technology (a dimple within a dimple), which offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced performance in the wind. How do you know which ball is right for you? The first step is to know how fast you swing. Over 105 mph? Then you'll want the B330 or B330-S. Less than 105? Either the B330-RXS or B330-RX is your model. From there, narrow your search to spin and launch characteristics.

Two new premium balls have entered Callaway's lineup. The three-piece HEX Chrome ($36/dozen) was built for golfers who swing between 90 and 100 mph, and the five-piece HEX Black Tour ($46/dozen) was built for Phil Mickelson—and other "sticks." Both feature Callaway's HEX Aerodynamics and durable DuraSpin covers.

Titleist's two new ball offerings for 2012 are the DT SoLo ($20/dozen) and Velocity ($27/dozen). What's the diff? If you like a soft-compression ball that yields long shots with both your woods and irons, then pick up the SoLo. The Velocity features a nonurethane cover, so look for a firmer feel and a fast core from Titleist's LSX core technology. The SoLo comes in an optic yellow version, and the Velocity features high numbers in orange.

Boasting a soft urethane cover, the three-piece Srixon Z-Star SL ($45) features added spin control without sacrificing distance. Also it pierces through the wind, thanks to its aerodynamic, 324-dimple design. Comes in both white and Tour yellow versions. Look for a Z-Star XV version, too.

The E-Motion Tour ($20) from Innovex Golf is one of the game's only three-piece surlyn golf balls. Designed with a Progressive Motion Dual Core to fly farther, spin faster and feel softer while still offering tremendous durability, it also features a proprietary Aeroblend Cover and parallel dimple dividers that smooth airflow for increased flight distance and stability.

With 28% lower core compression, the new five-piece, urethane-covered Taylor-Made Penta TP5 ($46) produces lower driver spin, longer shots and a softer feel on pitch shots. Developed for Tour pros, the TP5 can be played by golfers of all abilities, but better players will notice the difference between the ball's five layers.


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