May 2011

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The longer/lighter trend isn’t just for drivers. Consider the new, 47-inch Bassara Wyvern ($350) shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon. It has a slightly lower overall weight and elastic titanium fiber in its tip section that reduces deformation during shaft loading to help golfers transfer power. Don’t be scared. This long-ball producer was constructed for players of all abilities. Available in 43L, 43R, 53R, 53S and 53TS in various flexes.
And you thought Mad Money host Jim Cramer was the only person to get mileage out of saying “Booyah!” Now you will too. Graffaloy’s new BooYah ($100) shaft uses high-modulus carbon fiber, and has a low bend point and a high-trajectory design to maximize launch angle and peak trajectory. If you want a softer overall shaft flex that yields a unique feel and energy transfer to the ball at impact and maintains stability, say, “BooYah!” Available in 45, 48 and 50g.
Do you have an adjustable hosel driver and want to upgrade its shaft? Look no further than the Dromos ($300) shaft from Miyazaki. Its proprietary lay-up of composite fibers reduces the spine effect, and produces a consistent feel and performance, regardless of how the shaft is oriented in the clubhead. Available in 61, 72 and 83g in various flexes.
Want a shaft that yields a penetrating, midlaunch ballflight with tight dispersion and don’t mind forking out a few extra bucks? Consider UST Mamiya’s new Attas-T2 ($399). It features reduced ply inserts and maximized full-length layers that create a balance between torque and flex, for more-efficient shaft loading and a smoother bend profile. The use of Ultra-High modulus, low-resin materials improves feel and creates a tighter shot dispersion. Available in 47, 52, 64, 65, 68, 73, 75, 83 and 85g in various flexes.

The lightweight Fujikura Blur ($299) features a proprietary “Phantium” finish, plus what the company calls the thinnest, lightest spread Tow Carbon interweave. We liked its higher balance point that helps generate a faster swing speed while maintaining solid feel. If you like a mid- to mid-/high launch the 004 is for you; the 005 is stiffer in the butt and generates a midlaunch and spin. The TS-65 is for better players wanting a lighter-weight product without losing the stability that’s felt in heavier shafts. The 004 comes in weights of 47, 48 and 51g; 005 in 55, 58 and 59g; TS-65 in 65g.

Most recently used by Jhonattan Vegas in his victory at the Bob Hope Classic, the unique Nventix Nunchuck ($259) boasts a “Tri-Zonal Stability” design that offers exceptional power and greater clubhead acceleration. How? The weighty 104-gram shaft has only one flex but was divided into three sections: tip and butt which are stiffer and the middle that boasts more flex. This eliminated shaft kick and most of the flex in the shaft. So there’s no droop in the shaft. Nventix claims its not just for long drivers. Everyone can benefit from its unorthodox construction.


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