May 2010

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The copper-infused face insert on Cleveland Golf’s new Classic BRZ series putters ($89) produces a soft, responsive feel—just the thing to build confidence on the green. Perfect for golfers who want a classic-shaped value putter with lots of 21st-century technology “under the hood.” Comes with an oil-treated cloth that prevents oxidation. Four models available, each finished in bronze PVD to minimize glare.

Weight placed deep in its rear corner gives Rife’s Deep Blue putter ($169) great stability and a high MOI. Not to mention it feels super soft on contact due to a ¾-inch-thick fully milled aluminum face insert. Great for golfers who like light putters that are easy to align.

The center body cutout of PING’s iN 1⁄2 Wack-E putter ($170) moves weight to its perimeter and increases stability during the stroke. Golfers who crave a soft impact will appreciate the first-of-its-kind, nano-nickel-plated, lightweight polymer face insert. Ten models available, many of which are company staples.

FootJoy’s new Sport shoe ($135) features an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole for a lightweight cushioning underfoot, and full-grain leather uppers that result in a breathable shoe. Comes with CHAMP Stinger cleats and a two-year waterproof warranty.

Claiming to be the lightest shoe in golf, the V-Lite Zero G ($99) from Hi-Tec weighs a mere 10 ounces. (Really, can a shoe be any lighter than that?) Add it all up after 18 holes and you’ve got a shoe that weighs two tons less than a normal shoe. Featuring a tech mesh upper and EVC (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole. One-year waterproof guarantee.

Nike’s new Tour Premium shoes ($250) sport a rich, full-grain leather upper and a plush full-length Phylon midsole that creates what the company calls a “king-size footbed with exceptional cushioning.” Plus they stabilize your feet for better balance. How? Via the Nike Power Platform TW (TPU). They come with a two-year limited warranty and Scorpion Stinger Spikes.


It's A Wrap

Cleatskins’ Golfskins ($25) help take golfers from the course to the clubhouse without requiring a change of shoes. Constructed of SKINTEK rubber, a unique formulation of compression-molded rubber, Golfskins cups the bottom of your golf shoes to extend the life of cleats, help improve mobility and safety on asphalt and provide a sealed barrier to keep dirt and grass out of your home and car. Available in six colors.


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