May 2009

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The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

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TaylorMade has a real knack for changing things up, and we mean that in a literal sense. In 2004, with the introduction of the r7, TaylorMade made it possible to adjust the weighting of a driver with a series of weight cartridges and easy-to-use mechanics. Five years later, they’ve done it again with the new R9 ($399). Only now, in addition to adjusting the weights in the clubhead, golfers can fine-tune the clubface angle for even greater on-the-spot customization.

With the simple click of the specially designed wrench, clubface angles can be adjusted to one of eight settings, ranging from very closed to very open. Combine that with the adjustable weights and you have a driver that literally can go from Tour spec to beginner spec (or vice versa) in a matter of seconds. Now if it sounds like overkill, we’re here to tell you it isn’t. With one click, you can see and feel the differences in clubface angles, which in our opinion, affects your ballflight more than adjusting weights ever did. And in case you hook or slice chronically (maybe you do both), the R9 can really help.

By the way, that’s not all there is. The R9 also has a modern, triangular-shaped head and an all-new Fujikura Motore shaft. Multiple lofts are available, including a TP version (same clubhead, upgraded shaft.)


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