May 2008

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The DT is Back!

That’s right, Titleist’s storied DT franchise returns with two new high-quality offerings. Each model has a unique dimple design engineered to provide specialized performance. The DT Carry features a pattern for high-lift performance, while the DT Roll features a pattern that promotes a lower trajectory. Value-minded players who need a specific type of trajectory in order to achieve maximum distance will gravitate to both. Both are two-piece constructions, feature Surlyn covers and retail for $22/dozen.

new and notableDat’s Cool!

The fifth-generation No Bananas driver from Bob Burns Golf features Draw Alignment Technology (D.A.T) that effectively ends the “banana ball” slice forever. The 460cc clubhead features a Beta Titanium clubface and a convex crown made of an ultra-light titanium alloy. And at a mere 196 grams, the clubhead is easy to swing through the ball. Comes in three lofts (9, 10.5 and 12 degrees). Right-hand only. A draw bias model is available this June.

new and notableThe Z Factor

Fujikura’s Rombax Z is designed for players with standard ballflight and launch angles who like to swing aggressively without losing control and consistency. It features Fujikura’s proprietary Triax material and a new computer-woven, braided box-weave composite fortified with Kevlar Triax throughout the body of the shaft. Features a medium flex point and low-torque that aid in providing stability without too much overall stiffness. Just about any type of golfer can find a model to fit his or her individual needs. Comes in a variety of weights (58-81 grams) and flexes (X, S, R).

new and notableDistance Edge

Want to add nine yards to your game without working out, upgrading your driver or taking a lesson? Then just slip on one of Bridgestone’s new Inner Edge gloves. They claim it adds distance to your game. How? Via its Tryt 3000TS synthetic leather, which provides an exceptionally tacky grip both inside and outside the glove. Now you can hold onto the glove with less grip pressure. There’s even a strategically placed inner support pad that protects your palm’s pressure point.

new and notableMonster Bag

If ever the word “mammoth” was considered an understatement, this is it. Ogio’s new, um, massive Mammoth ($330) four-wheeled travel bag isn’t just an oversized cargo container for your clubs, it also boasts a detachable shoe bag (with handle, naturally), a cool, crush-resistant hat pocket and full-length easy access zippered pouch that makes moving your bag in and out a breeze.


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